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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Work space Wednesday

I have loved nosing at other bloggers photos of their workspace and crafting stashs so thought I would post mine as it is tonight which is much tidier than it used to be since I got the Clip it Up storage that you can see on the right of my desk for my birthday. I like to surround myself with things I've made and gifts from friends.

The clip it up storage holds everything and has loads of space to spare. To store acrylic stamps I laminated a (slightly undercut on the longest sides) A4 card and then stuck stamped images on one side of all the acrylic stamps that are clinging on the other side. Trim a bit of the laminate off the longest sides so it will slide easily into an A4 plastic wallet and then clip it up. I could hold a whole shop full of stamps this way on the Clip it Up thingymegig!

Last year I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw photos of peoples craft rooms and all their stash. It was more like looking at a craft shop! I couldn't understand how you could have that much stuff unused. What a little innocent I was!!
Now I know exactly what is going on....... ;-)

Happy stash building everyone!


Sherry said...

Your craft area looks great - I like all the little pieces of art you have on display. Your Clip it Up storage system looks so organised - I have most of my stamps in little three drawer units. Thanks for the nosey around .... but one question.... where's Spanky?

Electra said...

What a wonderful space you have! makes me want to sit right down there and make something. Thanks for the idea to laminate cardstock. I have acrylic stamps everywhere and souldn't figure out what I could mount them on for storage. Now I know. and we have a laminator at work! Yippeee!

Gez said...

Ooh Gini your workspace looks fab. :) Love your Clip it Up thingymegig. Looks very handy. :)

Karen said...

mmm.....far too tidy my lovely LMAO!!!! Brilliant to see your work area Gini BUT where's Spanky? You haven't clipped him up have you??? HUGS XXX

Linda said...

What a great workspace you have - I love the spinny thing. And I recognise a few items above the PC...... :-)