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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Zetti ATCs Jan 2010, The Artist Trading Club

Chriss at The Artist Trading Club suggested watching Teesha Moore's youtube.com videos to see how Teesha goes about journalling Zetti style.
There are 9 videos.
First one is called Layer 1: Paint.
Then a series of 4 called Journalling Collage
and a final 4 episodes called Journalling Pen Work.

They were fascinating to watch, even if you don't like the style they are worth watching to see another artist at work and the processes she uses.
It's one step further along the nosey road of What's on your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW).

Having watched the videos I got organised and followed her instructions to the letter, improvising if I didn't have her craft materials but staying true to the style.

Firstly I painted a background using Reeves soft sheen acrylic.
Teesha recommends soft sheen because pens often bleed and won't flow properly on matt acrylics.

Then using cut up bits of designer paper as I didn't have any magazines I glued on a border with white PVA.
Teesha uses magazine cuttings and copies of previous journalling pages and a tape glue roller.

I took some photos of my progress at each stage.

Then you collage a central image.
After which using PanPastels you add some shading around the border and central images.

They look like that awful 1970's make up to me.
If you're old enough to remember using 1970's make up you'll know what I mean.

Teesha had a PanPastel sponge tipped tool to apply the stuff but I had to improvise as I had neither.
I used Versamagic chalk ink applied with a cosmetic bud then dabbed the cosmetic bud on my tongue so the ink would shade evenly away to nothing.
A little bit of spit did the trick.

For the journalling Teesha recommends Sharpie poster paint pens, in medium nib, fine nib and extra fine nib in white and black. Copic sketch pens. Caran D'ash Crayons.
I have none of those so used a black Staedtler pigment liner 0.1 size and a white Sakura gelly roll med gel pen. These suited the ATC size space.

Teesha explains how to shade your lettering so that it appears that you have a consistent light source.
If the sun is coming in from the top right hand corner then your lettering will have shading on the left side and the bottom. Anything that is facing right is NOT going to have shadow.

The things I found out about my crafting preferences is firstly that I dislike journalling.
I really really do not want to write all over my pictures.
I had to force myself to do it and I only managed to do it on two ATCs before rebellion struck.
I obviously only like my stories on the side or on the back and not all over the front.
I don't mind a quote or title but not writing all over.
I couldn't care less about shading on lettering or lettering styles.
Secondly I don't like doodling at all either.
I have absolutely no desire to create dark or macabre pictures.
Teesha uses absolutely no shiny. None what so ever.
Wot no shiny?

The one thing I did like was making up bright, cheerful and funny central characters.

Click on the images to make them bigger if you want.

Despite all this I enjoyed doing the challenge, as I like trying new art styles.
I love the end result and I really didn't want to part with them; but I did, spit and all ;-)
(If you got one and are concerned, they were sent in clear plastic wallets so you don't have to touch them!)

The other thing is I don't really enjoy working this small.
So I don't imagine I will be making that many ATCs in the foreseeable future.
But I retain the right to change my mind, so please don't hold me to it. :-)

Whatever you are up to, happy creating!



Hi Gini
I'm with you on the journalling thing - why create art and then write all over it! I do like the way you've added wording at the side of your images though, and the ATC's are fab. (I'm in love with Johnny Depp anyway). At the end of the day, you have to follow your heart and do what appeals to you and if others like it then that's a bonus. Personally, I love your style!
Hugs, Sylvia xxxxx

Chris said...

Gini you have done a wonderful job with your atc's!! I can understand that small isn't everyone's cup of tea... I struggle with it sometimes cos of my fat sausage fingers...lol

I'd love to do more inchies but omg they send me into a cold sweat... especially as I can't see a bat without me specs and even then I end up squinting with inchies to see what Im doing.. not good :D

I love the Teesha Moore videos...she is such a talented lady isn't she AND I can so understand how you hate to write on your artwork too but you really don't have to especially on atc's... yours would have been amazing with or without the penmanship.

Have a great weekend
Chris xx

Electra said...

These are wonderful, I love the detail you always put into your work, Sweet very sweet Gini!

Flor Larios Art said...

Cool! Love the background with all those details!

Karen said...

WOW Gini...you were braver than i was!!! I took one look at the subject and went into a sweat hahahaha!!!! I love what you have done tho and so so hope that I get one, spit and all HUGS XXX

Chriss Rollins said...

i have seen these IRL and my goodness they are amazing and so very funny once again your GSOH ..SHINES thru.

well done Gini.

thanks for the mini tute.

chriss x

Jana said...

These are amazingly funny. And wonderfully gorgeous. Love Johnny Depp, so these are my fav's. Glad to hear that you reserve the right to change your mind about making more. I hate to think of the world without more of your creations in miniature. Congrats and kudos to you for going outside your comfort zone. Love the substitutions you made.

Melinda Cornish said...

these are really fun...I am funny about writing on my pages too...I think it is because I want my handwriting to look a certain way and it doesnt...I think yours looks great...

Chris said...

Just popped back to say hi and wish you a fab Eastertime :D
Chris xx

Linda said...

Great work Gini....you always create such fun characters! Sorry I'm so behind with my blog commenting (bad girl)