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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Dress Up 2010 - February

I have tried to go for the romantic Valentine look for February.

Before I started paper crafting last year I mainly sewed and knitted so I wondered if I could make a dress using only wool but not knitting with it nor sewing the yarn down with stitches.
When I showed Himself my efforts the silence was deafening -oh dear - but I like it.

How I made it.

I used 300g/m2 heavy water colour paper which I cut to this template shape.
I painted it with a pale pink metallic acrylic paint.
I don't have any sheets of double sided tape so I used the hi bond tape and stuck strips all around the edges and throughout the middle areas.
I wound two sorts of yarn randomly around the skirt working both yarns at the same time but laid them down separately.
For the bodice I used another yarn and wrapped it around each section in a neat line formation.
The space that was left in the middle I filled with jewels.
I used magic tape to hold the yarn threads on the back of the dress and made another painted pink template to stick over the back to make it look tidy.

I'm not sure with what to glue the back to the front that will work well.
Golden heavy gel medium or white PVA or something else?
Any suggestions would be most welcome thank you!

Happy creating everyone!


bad penny said...

Well I like it ! my other half just says " Mmmmmm"
It is so pretty - I love the heaviness of it as you used wool. I would wear this dress !

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

OH so pretty in pink! I agree with Penny, I want to wear this dress ;)

Electra said...

OK, so far there are three of us fighting over this dress-it's really lovely! Boy, Gini, when you said you would post it today, you weren't kidding, I only just woke up. Game on, mine will be up soon....

Fabric Art said...

Gini your dress is very beautiful, love the way you used different yarns at, what a great idea.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your dress is not only beautiful, but very inspiring. It looks and sounds like you put a lot of thought and effort into this dress. I really like how you took time to let us know how it was made.

I make my dresses in two pieces, a front and back. I embellish both in this state so I can hide any mechanics. Then I glue the two pieces together with the hanger in between. After they are together, I further embellish if I want to add something around both the front and back.

A word of warning I learned in my January dress is to cut the dress front and back at the same time (together). You'll never get the two pieces to match if you don't, and the pieces are never symmetrical, so be sure to cut front and back. Don't ask how I know this (grin).

Rosemary said...

I love this and yes, I'd want to wear it! The other halves never quite "get" our projects do they? It's high praise indeed if David even comments on something I'm working on. Funny point, he is fascinated by all the tools I've got in my crafty area! Oh well, as long as he isn't complaining about them!

I'm so glad you liked my LO, it's okay to have a big evil grin, non-scrapbook afficianodo (hope I spelled that correctly). BTW, crappy isn't a swear word in my book either! I hope our weeks next week improve!

Rosemary said...

BTW, also wanted to say that it is NEVER too late to submit a project for Opus Gluei, we are so low/no stress! So ruffle those flourishes, m'dear!

2kolory said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment. Your dress is beautiful!Thanks for templates!

Diora said...

очень красиво платье и необычное! :)

Melinda Cornish said...

I love pink so you scored there with me and the wool is such a cool idea!!! I love it....I usually make a back piece for my dress out of a matching paper and then I glue it on at the end then zigzag the edges of both front and back together.....

Jenxo said...

aww pretty in pink, there. i had to say it! i love the soft fluffy look the yarn gives, its wonderful...jenxo

Sherry said...

Your dress is totally gorgeous! I've given up showing things to my OH - a kind of glazed look used to come over his face, although he always tried to say nice things but just had to be careful that I didn't catch him looking the other way when he was saying them!

You could always cheat with the back of the dress and just paint or colour it in some way - although doing that you can't sandwich the hanger inbetween. As yours is a fabric dress how about stitching the back to the front around the edges with a slip stitch (whatever that is, but it sounds right!)

Margaret said...

How??? did I miss this?? fabulous dress, wonderful colour and loads of personality, if need be I WILL fight the others for it!!
Mr Linky is just the best, I saw it in action on Gothic Arches and thought now that's a cool dodad we can all use!
I'm looking forward to March!

Chris said...

Well I think your dress is really pretty.. men don't understand these things anyway...rofl
Love how you used the wool...really original.
Chris xx

Linda said...

Oh I want that dress! Totally gorgeous!!!!!