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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Spanky in a Slanket

Seeing as Sherry and Electra and Karen are asking where is Spanky? Because she isn't in my workspace photo, I thought I'd let you know what she's been up to this week. (Karen has given me the most brilliant idea though, she suggested the Spanky could be clipped up on the thingamagig!!!)

Spanky's stayed in the 21st century this week, middle earth was quite tiring last week.
Anyway we were both stunned and amazed to find the SLANKET on our OWOH excursion.
Now to me the slanket is in the same league as the foot slipper.
Anything that has to be put on like a hospital gown has me running for the hills, but I can see the appeal that it must have to some folk.

We found this site theslanket.com
Now whoever wrote the editorial for this site was obviously enjoying themselves immensely and I can only applaud them for that but with humour sometimes the line between funny and squirmingly embarrassing is very small. I think they have their tongues in their cheeks though...

This one is called "Walk the Slank" WTF?? Well, you'll have to read the editorial on it to find out just what they mean. It's a popular one though 'cos it's currently sold out.

Now you and I both know revenge is sweet.
Spanky was far more popular than me on the OWOH and if I was completely doolally I would be sulking about that. Which of course I'm not.
But I remember the Pony pulling gag she made about my OWOH outfit so without further ado let me present to you

Spanky in a Vintage '70's Slanket

You can click on her to get a better look at the carnage :-)

Now I have tried to reflect the clashing patterns and colours of the '70's without making you vomit just a little bit in your mouth.
Did I manage it?

I am not worried about Spanky's reputation and her standing as an ICON of style, she is so very hugely Iconic that I don't think anything could put a dent in her reputation; she is revered in too many countries and beloved by so many millions that she is completely untouchable.
Oh - I think I might have dozed off for a minute there.

So that's where she's been; modelling Slankets with the best of 'em.



Karen said...

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha what are you like!!!!!! Brilliant fun XXX

Jana said...

Just shot coffee out of my nose. What a start to a day! I should have stayed in my Slanket a bit longer this morning...

Sherry said...

Aha, surely it's a Splanket - and she looks resplendent!! What are you like - LOL.

Rosemary said...

OMG - Spanky looks marvelous - style icon that she is! So much for the trend dying out, Spanky's revived it!

I got one for Christmas, I do bunch it up under my head whilst assuming yoga position entitled Couch Potato (namaste to you, m'dear). Otherwise, the cats fight over its comfy softness. I dare not show them Spanky as they will each want their very own (in the same pattern).

Hee hee!!!

Chriss Rollins said...

hahahahah from me toooo

Word verification is DAPPO honestly...hehehe

you have fab SOH.

chriss x