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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Opus Gluei Challenge #133 Get your grill on.

I have realised with this challenge by the lovely Deena over at Opus Gluei that I never ever make food related art, a bit strange seeing as I like food, well don't we all!

 So imagine whilst we're sitting on our tartan blankets sipping our Pimms and lemonade and eating a slice of every cake on the picnic table watching the children play nicely, and listening to the birds twittering in the nearby trees, that our eyes wander up to look at the blue blue sky and see a flock of hot air balloons drifting overhead...

What is a group of Hot Air Balloons called then?
Maybe a punnet of Balloons, mmm strawberries.

This card is made up of Echo Park papers and my trusty old sewing machine.
I used this template; scroll down to the one called Quilted Balloon Card and I printed it out in 3 different sizes for perspective.

Happy creating!


Rosemary said...

Gini,this card is beautiful! I love your take on the theme. The balloons are SPECTACULAR and I can't wait to see what you and your sewing machine create next!

I could see sitting on a blanket on a beautiful summer day and enjoying the balloons and a bit of champs.

Margaret said...

You paint such a lovely picture, a punnet of balloons mmmm sounds as fab as it looks! Mx

Jingle said...

This is just wonderful!

Electra said...

I LOVE how your mind works! I can see you, having your picnic, Spanky chasing away the ants...And it's so pretty. Bravo Gini!


I am right there Gini - scoffing cakes galore and looking upwards towards a balloon-filled sky, and WOW, I see the amazing patchwork and stitching you have created! The colours and patterns are fabulous, and as always, your project is just brilliant!
Sylvia xxxx

Sue said...

What super bright balloons you have created, a lovely summer scene.
Sue x

Karen said...

mmmm...tartan blankets? strawberries? champers? PICNIC????? You got a tent as well??? hahahaha!!! Fabulous fabulous balloons my lovely, love the sewing of course. Hugs from a very soggy Cornwall xxx