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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Gizza sweet. Girl's from the Black Stuff?

This piece is for two challenges.

Alter It monthly for October. Which is "To spook or not to spook".  I've altered a box that held my wrinkle cream into a Halloween treat container. So it's almost turns your wrinkles into sweets doesn't it? What could be nicer.


Stampotique Designers Challenge. SDC#17. Treat Container.
I was really hoping that whatever challenge #17 was going to be I would be able to enter Moth Fab in layers.
But it was not to be.
Although Moth Fab could possibly be considered as being a treat container herself in her underwear, I thought you might throw things at me for my audacity, so I made something else instead.
Although if I was sure it would be Cathedral City Cheese that you threw I would have entered her. Mmm cheese.

This time last year I would not have anything to do with Halloween Art and I am really a bit amazed that I made this.
I was made bold by Kaz's journal page called Naughty Weasel, as she has made this rather sick but completely brilliantly funny piece over on the Stampotique Designer's blog do go have a look if you dare!
 I did and I'm a real scare-dee cat when it comes to spooky things but this is more funny psychotic than spooky.
I say that as if funny psychotic is better somehow, which means I need to review my medication ;-)

So I came up with a rather gory Treat Container all splattered in fake blood courtesy of Dylusions Post Box red spray ink.
I did add lots of gold mica for shininess, so that makes it alright doesn't it?
( The gold mica doesn't show up in the photo's because if I added any shiny shots this post would stretch all the way to China.)

Gizza sweet. Girl's from the Black Stuff?

Click on any picture to make it bigger.

Seeing as there is the expression "Get your craft on" I thought that maybe we could
 "Get yer creep on" for Halloween?
Maybe not, seeing as I'm no trendsetter and I'm ever so grateful I am not responsible for such heinous expressions as "pushing the envelop" or "thinking out of the box" that do the nauseating rounds through large corporations until some other bright spark comes up with another even better heinous expression that everyone can run around spouting or sprouting even.

Top of the box.
Which actually means the top of the box, and not some wank.
(Sorry Mum but I really feel it was merited on this occasion.)

Open box.

One Side of the box

The other side of the box

Front of the box

Back of the box

Inside of the Box is Heart Throb who has a most unfortunate dribble of red ink on his brainbox that looks like a pickaxe was recently removed.
 Notice the lovely blue tissue paper lining for all those lovely Halloween treats such as Eye of Newt and Chunks of Spleen, which are selling like hot cakes in Asda this week.

This is the box before altering.

Stamps used were Stampotique.
The Ladies: Clover, Muffin, Jeepers and Miss Snottie.
The Boys: Heart Throb, Smile and Mort has a pin curl.

Now I have been tardy in the last few posts and not said how I made it.
This is going to be an awfully long post if I do one now so briefly with the main points only.

I used Reeves Black acrylic which is a soft sheen acrylic which has a very dense coverage and an ability to stick to a fairly shiny surface without the need for Gesso, so is perfect for a bit of altered art but not very good for writing on if you were to use it on a journal page. You would do better with a matt acrylic that pens can write on easily for journaling. (My opinion only.)
I used black stazon ink for the stamping because of the gold mica sprayed on the card and I thought it was guaranteed to adhere because it's Stazon. Mmm almonds.
The tissue paper was glued on with Golden Gel Medium around the top of the box only.
Gel medium is your fall back glue for Altered art.
If it wasn't so expensive to buy in the UK I would use it much more often as it will stick most things together and dries within seconds and thereby defies gravity.
These two properties make it an absolute must for a place in your glue arsenal if you like altering things.
Just to clarify, you don't need Golden Gel Medium if you want to alter your hair colour, you need a hair dye for that which is something else entirely.

So get yer happy creative creep on (or not) this week folks!


Zuzu's Blog said...

lol .. very cool box with a lot of attitude...
nice job... the background and stamping is well done..
and thank you for joining in with alter it monthly this month ..

Electra said...

You boggle my mind sometimes, Gini. From cutesy little birdies you go to cutesy little horror.
that must be why I like you. Kind of funny psychotic, come to think of it. I really like this. Did I say that? well, I do. And what about almonds?????

Gini said...

Electra, Black Stazon ink smells of almonds, now go sniff yours and see if I'm right :-)

Sue said...

I love your box, and I'm with you on the Stazon smell :o) x

Karen said...

LMAO Gini!!!!! can't believe that you said the w**k word on your blog hahahahaha!!!!!

Brilliant box...looks like you had sooo much fun!!! HUGS XXX

Basement Stamper said...

very cute box, love how you altered it. Beautiful colors and love the sentiment on the inside.

Gini said...

Karen - know neither can I, but it was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dithered and dithered last night about should I say it or not, but the comedy queen over ruled in the end.
Spanky made me do it!


Ah-ha - so now I know what brand of moisturiser you use Gini!! You've done an amazing job on altering such an innocent little blue box into this scaredy-cat masterpiece! Love all the blood and gore - you've really gone to town on this one Gini!! Great story-telling too!
Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Sherry said...

That Spanky has got a lot to answer for Gini!!

Your box is so funny, gory funny, spookily funny and spectacularly funny - brilliant in fact! Love it!

Katie said...

What a great way to use packaging! I love what you've done w/it. Perfect!

Ginger said...

What a great box, fits the theme so well on Alter it Monthly, thanks for joining it. C x

Gillian said...

Love the transformation of this box, cool stamps and funky design.

Carol Q said...

fab box. right up my street, great humour, love your background colouring and your choice of words is just hilarious!

Flor Larios Art said...

Cool box! Love the background colors!

Dawn said...

Hiya Gini - Hiya Spanky!

Love your box, gorgeous colours and stamping!

You certainly have a way with words !! LOL


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