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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Stampotique Designers Challenge 18, Spooky, Creepy, Crawly. When opposites attract.

Well, seeing as I creeped myself out with the blood splattered treat container last time,  I thought would be on the look out for the funny side of all the shenanigans going on at the Stampotique Halloween Party.
I didn't have to wait long in the cobwebs in the deep dark woods with my trusty camera for a good shot to use.
Which is just as well as I do not like spiders, at all.

I could practically see the heart signs floating out of Bowtie when he first set eyes on Glimmering Hope all dolled up in her party gear. She is wearing bone glitter moisturiser because she has no skin to rub on the body glitter that she found half price in Boots.
Plus she is also wearing her family heirloom "the death diamond" in her hair.
Even though I say it myself (ahem), she is looking mighty fine for a corpse rustler.

I think Bowtie's opening line to the dame is pretty lame, but what do I know seeing as I was always rubbish at dating.

So my entry for the Stampotique Designers Challenge #18 is

"When opposites attract."

Click on it to make it bigger if you like.

Just in case the words aren't legible, and lets face it my eyes aren't what they used to be, why, once upon a time they were blue (no, actually that is a lie they never were blue).

Bowtie's opening line is "I tap dance. What do you do?"
and Glimmering Hope replies "I raise the dead."

Normally her reply would have been "On yer bike." but she is interested in his shoes, as they are very sparkly and she gets easily distracted by shiny things.
Also she thinks he looks rather like Elton John in his outfit and one of her very favourite songs is I'm Still Standing.
Now I can tell you very quietly why she likes that song but I have to whisper it,
 so come very close to the screen,
 no, come closer than that,
that's better,
now press your ear on the monitor because she is very touchy about this subject and I don't want to upset her.

I don't know if you've noticed yet but she has no legs. Sssh!
Anyway she is very proud of the fact that she is still standing despite her leglessness.
But she doesn't like it if anyone asks her where her legs have gone. Well obviously.

Happy creating whether you have legs or are in fact legless the next time you pick up your favourite glue!



Gini - this is the best story yet! I have been LMAO reading it - love the sparkly shoes (I want some), and the idea of being legless and waking the dead reminds me of a neighbour of ours!! The card is brilliant by the way!!
Love and hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Willy said...

What a fantastic Halloween party, Gini. Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designers Challenge.

AngelaC said...

Hi Gini - thank you for your lovely comments on my blog! I love this - it is so quirky and made me laugh out loud! Wonderful.

Gez said...

Absolutely BRILLIANT Gini.xx

Moniqui said...

Funny! I love it! Thanks for joing us at Stampotiques challenge!

Karen said...

OMG!!!!! Gini....I have nearly wet myself laughing! I said NEARLY hahahahaha!!! I just hadn't noticed that she was legless & had a good look but she gave me a slap hahahaha!!!

Totally brilliant work sweetie XXX

DonnaMundinger said...

You are a serious HOOT!!!!! This is frickin' FANTASTIC! xxD

Sherry said...

LOL Gini!
Brilliant as usual!!

Kaz said...

Fab card and I love the story you told about it! Thanks for joining us at Stampotique x

Electra said...

OK, now, thanks to you, all my staff are looking at me like I'm a lunatic!!! With my ear pressed up against the monitor. Good grief!
Love this Gini, it's very fun and very you.(PS, I'm a bit concerned about Sylvia-Anne's neighbour, BTW)

Basement Stamper said...

OMG, this is so funny! Love the story. Your creations is great, thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge!