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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Dress Up 2010 September.

After a great deal of computer woes, I'm finally back.
I have a shiny new Apple Mac and it's like going from a Lada to a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce.
R.I.P. to my microsoft tower of shite.

I am however in a learning curve with the iphoto program and resizing for blogger.
What is the matter with uploading photo's with blogger at the moment?
"If it works fine lets mess it up"  is that google's mantra today/this week?

Anyway enough of that.

I made this dress so long ago I can hardly remember how I made it but I do remember this is my second attempt. My first go could best be described as Confused Christmas Crap.
The autumn theme got blurified by xmas looking trees AND even adding glitter glue didn't fix it.
 I would include a picture of it but you might be about to eat your tea and I don't want to put you off your nosh.
Click on it to make it hopefully bigger.

This photo shows some of the layers including the ones on the bottom of the skirt.
 I do like sticky up bits.

Stamp set is Habico - Autumn leaves 2.
Stamped on white card using Versafine vintage sepia.
They are clear stamps that work brilliantly and cost £2.85 full price.
Hmm, that's food for thought isn't it?
I used Derwent Inktense pencils to colour in.
If I did anything else I can't remember now but it is backed onto thick watercolour paper to give it good rigidity and I have forgotten to stick my hanger on- doh!

Margaret is still going strong with the challenge and her dresses get better and better.
I will try and get my Wardrobe finished this month or definitely maybe for November.

Sorry to everyone for not doing the blogging rounds lately, I shall try and remedy that very soon.

Happy creating!


Sherry said...

Hi Gini, I hope all and everyone is well with you.

No use talking to me about all things techie - I'm useless - as for for Blogger pics - don't get me started - LOL.

Your new computer sounds lovely all shiny and new!

Your dress is great too - all leafy and autumnal - only two to go now! I'm looking forward to seeing your wardrobe too.

Take care xx


Yay - Gini is back in the building!!! Thank goodness you are "up and running" again (in computer terms of course). Your dress is fab., and I think you should enter it into several of the Autumn challenges that abound in bloggyland at the moment.
I clicked on your pic. and it enlarged (just one size bigger). Hope that helps.
Love and hugs, Sylvia xxxxx

Karen said...

Hi sweetie, good to see you back!!! Apple Mac eh? now there's posh! Now this dress is a beauty, all those curly leaves look fab my lovely! Not too sure how you could confuse Autumn with Christmas tho hahaha XXX

Oh you have left some fabulous comments on my blog today...thank you darling XXX

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

heeheehee I love reading your post. Glad to hear your Apple is meeting expectation. RIP to your MToS lol

Love your stamped dress. What a fantastic idea!

Electra said...

We could start a "I hate Blogger" Facebook group. Bet there would be lots of folks join. Then we could start a "I hate Microsoft" Facebook group. Bet there would be lots of folks join.
HOWEVER, we could also start a "I love Gini's dresses" group. Bet there would be lots of people join. I'd be the president. This is so cute, Gini, I love the leaves "wafting" around the waistband! And the hem. And the colours. And it all.

Linda said...

Fab dress....very autumnal! Must admit I'm rather fond of 'sticky-up bits' myself ;-)