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Sunday, 26 September 2010

The Artistic Stamper Challenge September 2010. Sing a rainbow. The many moods of Heart Boy.

This is my first time with The Artistic Stamper Challenge
I had a lot of ideas for this rainbow challenge but settled on Stampotique's Heart Boy by Daniel Torrente.

We so often describe our moods in terms of colours so I made "The many moods of Heart Boy" whose heart is much bigger than he thinks and he is going through the often painful process of growing up.
The thing that hopefully eclipses the pain is the sense of wonder in everyday things that comes so naturally to children and is so sadly lost by many in adulthood.
I have been recultivating a sense of wonder in everyday things for some time now.
It is easy to find a sense of wonder in crafting blogland, (wowser to the imaginative talent that is out there...) however, I think we are all resoundingly trumped by nature in her everyday glory.

Click on it to make it bigger.

I wasn't sure how to sit the Cowboy hat on Heart Boy's head, a jaunty little angle didn't look right, and neither being a Cowgirl nor knowing any Cowboys (unfortunately there are none to be found in the wilds of Shropshire) I  plumped for plonking it straight on and very low on his brow.
Would mirror sunglasses be a bit much do you think? Because I was tempted until I realised that I don't have any mirror card and seeing as it is pretty much essential for mirror sunglasses, I had to give that idea up.

Oh look, bless Evangaline she has made my Cowboy wishes come true and my old heart go pitter pat.
It's good to share Hauwt Hottie Guy.

(I can't remember where he came from, I get easily muddled, sorry.
He's two unknown google images, but the mystery makes him all the more delicious doesn't it?
If you wondering why I don't feature Himself in this spot, it's because the world just isn't ready for his perfection. Mwah.
In fact I can't remember where I found Himself either.)
If you have forgotten who Evangeline is or you are new here (where have you been?), she is the recipient of all the Dress Up 2010 dresses and she got transformed in my very first post.

Edging Paper Tip

If I want to edge a fiddly small shaped paper with an ink pad I use a coloured pencil instead.
It saves ink getting everywhere you don't want it and nowhere that you do and the joy of having an upside down ink pad in your lap. Yes! That joy.
Any coloured pencil will do although a soft one like Derwent coloursoft or Derwent Inktense are a bit easier to use.
The crafty trick is to get the angle of your pencil near horizonal to the paper. The more horizontal to the paper you hold your pencil the wider the line of shading will be.
Here I'll show you.

And this photo shows the angle of my pencil but NOT how to hold it properly.

How I made it.

I coloured Heart Boy with Derwent Inktense pencils and glued him on with white PVA.
The edge punch is EK Success - bubbles. As there isn't a corner punch for this I disguise the corners with brads.  Brads have saved the day many times in this way for me.
I used double sided tape on the card layers.
I edged the words with coloured pencils.
This is the rest of the equipment I used. Click on it to make it bigger.

And finally I owe a huge apology to Perl whom I called Pearl.
Tut tut to me.
I have gone back and edited that post but the card can't be changed without being made a dog's dinner.
So, I hope I haven't spoilt what is the start of a great friendship as I have so many plans for cheering Perl up :-)

Whatever you are doing today I hope you can find a little wonder in it.
Happy creating!


Sherry said...

Ah Gini, there's always more than a little wonder to be found on your blog!

Lovely piece of art - and funny too of course! I'm glad it's only the size of his heart he's worried about! Love the denim boy - his cowboy hats sits perfectly.

As for the real cowboy .... I don't want to share him, want him all for myself - LOL!

Great top tip about edging - tfs that.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend x

Linda said...

Just came for a look at Hottie Guy really, but a little concerned about the shape of his nead ;-)
I'm happy about the shape of the rest of him though.....

Oh yes - great card too Gini!!!! (Love that scallopy edging)

Karen said...

Awe Gini, you always make me smile but I did have a splutter at Hottie Guy....again hahahaha!!!! I love what you have done with Heart Boy and am so pleased you are having fun with these stamps XXX

Electra said...

Brilliant words and another brilliant piece of art. Gini, you never cease to amze me!

Rosemary said...

Gini - I find you very inspirational - I love this project you made. I (heart) Heart Boy!

BTW, Perl should love what you made because it was handmade for her. So what if you made a slight error with her name, the sentiment is still true. (Only God is perfect)(hugs)

Thank you for all the kindness you leave at my blog, it makes me smile and feel happy!

Jennie said...

Thank you so much for joining in the challenge.. loving your piece:))


Hi Gini!! Love the handsome hunk, but he pales into insignificance at the side of your heart boy - I particularly like him in the cowboy hat, which is very butch and perfectly placed!! I love your take on the idea of colour affecting our everyday lives, and your story-telling is fabulous as always.
Love and hugs, Sylvia xxx
(Just got back from hols).

Rosemary said...

Now where is this month's dress? I'm sorry but you've created a lurker here who enjoys your dresses and is not so patiently awaiting an October creation...

Gini said...

Hi Rosemary,
I be having computer woes.
My PC died. R.I.P.
Have switched to a new shiny shiny Apple Mac,
OMG it makes Microsoft look like a tower of grubby shite!
Anyway, I have yet to sort out photo's so can't post my September dress that is made and photographed yet.
Will be trying to find time to get sorted over the next few days :-)
(I have emailed you as well just to sing you a little shiny song)

Chris said...

ooooh I love your project Gini... very clever my friend and such lovely colours. I want my sense of wonder back... tis true we lose it in adulthood probably cos we worry to much... well I do anyway..lol
Hey I hope you are keeping an eye on Miss Evangaline and that hottie... well when you pick your tongue up off of the floor that is...rofl
chris xx

Gez said...

Great crafting Gini. Love ♥ boy & your other man ;) So sorry to hear about your computer woes. Hope everything runs smoothly from now on.. have a great Sunday. Hugs, Gez.xx

Margaret said...

Awesome piece Gini! I love Heart boy! oh and not forgetting the Hottie, really, I still think mine are two but am prepared to regularly check just in case I'm wrong (will photgraph this week and send you pics) Love your tut, thank you Great post!! Mxx