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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Dress Up 2010 - Spanky does January.

If you want to join in with Margaret's Dress Up 2010 challenges or view the other dresses created for January click here.
Margaret has used Mr Linky and it makes it all SO easy to see everyone's dresses.
Today Margaret is my hero :-)

Now then.
Spanky is a big Lord of the Rings Fan.

She has a bit of a Gimli thing going on.

Now I have told her "Sweetheart, he's gonna dwarf you" but she likes 'em big.

The attraction is in the ginger I think; like calling to like.

These outfits me and her are creating for this year are all for Evangeline.
You can find out about her here.
Her wardrobe is a work in progress because I haven't eaten all the goodies yet from my box of Hotel chocolates, only the best for our Margaret.

After Evangeline's transformation she became windswept and dangerous enough for any outfit anybody cares to make for her anywhere, anyhow, anywhichway.
Not many women can make such a bold claim and stand by it, but Evangeline can.

This month Evangeline is going to be an Ice Queen.

She is the ice to quench Sauron's fire.

Spanky presents

The Shiny Eye of Sauron

I'm amazed Peter Jackson didn't think of it for the film, especially with them having such brilliant costumes....

Remember: All fears can be made Shiny.



Sherry said...

Hi Gini,

Thanks for coming to see my January dress and for the ideas on the wardrobe - I'm sure I'll find something suitable eventually (hope you enjoyed your Hotel chocolates!)
I don't know anything about the Lord of the Rings but it sure looks as though Spanky likes them hairy too - LOL.
I like your shiny eye dress and the story behind it.
I did use your template as a starting point for my dresses too - I tweaked them a little here and there - so thanks for that.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you create next month now!

Electra said...

You have chocolate? And you haven't eaten it all? Please tell Spanky, I love Evangeline's Ice Queen Dress, no one will argue with her in that creation!
I've put my dress up on my blog too, now that you've gotten me hooked, Gini. If I stop eating and sleeping because I'm playing with these little dresses, it will be all your fault! AND Spanky's. You owe me some chocolate.

Margaret said...

Evangeline is going to be quite the fashionista by the end of the year! she's not going to know what to choose! Love your January creation!! superb!
Feel free to eat as many choccies as necessary on my behalf, I'm totally with you in spirit on that one!
I had a giggle over Electra's comments, she's not alone! I'm so pleased you gals have joined 'Dress Up' Margaret

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Too much fun and so original Gini!
chocolates and dress designing sound just right to me!

Karen said...

ooo I wasn't expecting the eye as I scrolled down Gini hahaha!!! Brilliant idea and I hope Evangeline loved it! XXX

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Gini, I'm not sure how I missed this darling little dress, especially since it was looking me straight in the eye. It is so unique. Nice beginning, even if I seem to have missed it until now.

Fabric Art said...

Oh Gini SPanky is so sweet and your dress is very beautiful.

Linda said...

I'm sure that dress is watching me as I walk around the room......

Anyway...I always like to find more excuses for eating chocs; maybe I should join in (is it a compulsory part?)

Great fun Gini :-)