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Monday, 15 February 2010

One World One Heart Winner - Bob the Cheese has Churned!

Poor overused Bob the Cheese (Random Number Generator) is on his last legs today but he was able to serve up a winner for me, come on down comment number.....

Comment number 99 who is

Lisa Wheeler
from the blog Lisa Michelle Design

Congratulations Lisa!

I have e mailed you for your address.
The double sided Paper Doll, Garden Party Hottie VS Valentine Tottie will be winging her way to come live at your house!

( If for some unforseen reason you do not reply by Thurs 18 February, I will have to call on Bob once more for him to generate a new winner. )

Many, many thanks to everyone who has stopped by for a visit, joined as followers and left such fabulous comments and sent me such friendly emails.
I have had such a wonderful time making new creative friends and discovering lovely new blogs inhabited by so many incredibly talented artists including YOU!
I think I managed nearly 400 blogs, and on Saturday I got so thoroughly over excited whizzing around on my magic carpet that I totally forgot to feed my children - ooops.

All of your marvellous comments have furthered my belief that
there is NO such thing as too much Shiny.
Go Shiny Go!

Lisa Swifka the event organiser is a total STAR!

Looking forward to a fabulously creative year with you all :-)


P.S. To all you folk out there who preferred Spanky's outfit over mine -
Remember she will throw you all over in the blink of an eye for a Carrot,
whereas I will not. ;-)


Electra said...

Congratulations Lisa! And Gini, children don't need to be fed EVERY day. DUH.

Gini said...

Aaaaaw, I wish someone had told me this 12 years ago when I started this baby bearing business. Just think of all the time I could have saved myself. Doh!

Linda said...

Hi Gini
Glad to see you had fun with the OWOH magic carpet ride! I hope you get to win something too (I won 4 last year!)
Shiny wishes....
Linda x