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Sunday, 24 May 2009

ABAA photo challenge, Great Aunt Rosina, May 2009

Jaqi kindly sent in this photo of her great Aunt Rosina, and after reading the challenge post I promptly forgot the lady had a name and that she owned her own bakery so she became Evangeline. Sorry Jaqi!
(On reflection it's obvious that she's an Elizabeth Bennett, what with owning her own bakery and her intelligent, beautiful and sassy face, I'm guessing that the Victorian love of symbolism has been used in the empty birdcage to portray her escape from the constraints of being a man's chattel, living in a man's world and the straightjacket of Victorian values to be a woman of substance!
However I got completely carried away with the idea of Spanky, Ferdinand, Evangeline and her fairygodmother.)
The more I looked the more I loved this picture.
I still couldn't see the bird until someone said it's on her shoulder.

Anyway, back to Evangeline. I love to see a story in every picture, so I thought I would try a picture book for this challenge, as I've never done one before.
It turned out to be a five page 6"x 6" book.
I tried "really" hard to remain authentic to the 1880's hence the handwriting; circa 1970's public school.

Evangeline is a young, exuberant and innocent Lydia Bennett type character who has recently left home and is feeling decidedly out of sorts.

Have you seen Ferdinand?


Linda said...

Congratulations on joining the blogging community Gini...you did it!!
I really like the idea of doing a story book for a challenge - you have some fun ideas. I love the glam headdress!
Will we hear more about the fate of poor Ferdinand? Will Evie find the instructions to knit the fingers of her gloves? Watch this space.....
Linda x
PS Hope you join in with our new challenge!

Gini said...

Thank you so much Linda for all your help and encouragement, I had great fun creating the book.
I heard a whisper that Ferdinand loves the seaside, maybe He sells sea shells by the sea shore!
Can cockatoo's say tongue twisters, I wonder?

Karen said...

hahahahaha I LOVE this!!!!! Its a really great idea & so my sort of humour....well done Gina X

Kimmie said...

I'm positively LOVING your sense of humor :)
Spanky is up to no good - or maybe I'm wrong ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh how very creative and wonderful! Welcome to the land of blog :)

Rosemary said...

This is so fun to read through - loved it! You have a great start on a very entertaining blog! Congrats!

Jaqi said...

Hi Gina,

Sorry I have just found your blog, I had missed the message that you had left on my blog and was alerted to it when i went to leave my link on ABAA for this months challenge. You must think me so rude for not getting back to you, im very sorry.

I adore what you have done with my aunts picture, if you loved this one you should see some of the others i have, they are a real treasure.
You certainly have made a fantastic book here, what alot of work has gone into it. My aunt would be very pleased, Thank you again and once again im sorry it took me so long to get back to you, Thanks Jaqi

Jana said...

You are amazingly creative and fun to read. I am now one of your faithful followers. This story is so very clever.