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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Opus Gluei Challenge # 139 See you in September

This fortnight the lovely Deena is asking for a school themed project.

Both my sons cycle to school and one of them cycles past a wood with ponds in it, and this is what he sees when he looks around.
Click on it to make it bigger.

It's a 12 x 16 inch canvas and the stamps are Octopode rubber stamps, aren't they great characters?
I like to paper piece so I prefer to buy rubber stamps but Octopode have a huge range of digi stamps that are all fabulous.
Here's a link to the digi stamps Octopode Factory.
I bought the rubber stamps direct from the owner Lily through her blog FrillyUnderwear.

The owl on the right is in an unusual pose. Then I realised it's because something is poking him in the ear.

 Don't these little birds look dapper in hats?

I had to draw this little bird a worm to hold as she has that look of frenzied excitement mixed with obsession that only finding a juicy worm gives you (if you are a bird that is, not me personally..or you).
She's thinking "Mine, mine, MINE!"

What better than a swim on a hot day.

Now these flamingo's have a very smug look about them and are thinking "Aren't I just the dog's bollocks?"
(Which is slang for exceeding handsome and lucky or the best over here in England.)

I got mirror images of the flamingo and the duck by stamping onto a sheet of plain rubber and pressing a piece of card onto the plain rubber. I think the technique is called reverse stamping.

I'm also entering this canvas in the Octopode Challenge "How does your garden grow?"

Happy creating!


Dawn said...

Ooh Ginny I love this canvas, it's had me giggling over my lunch today ha ha ha.
I love the expressions on the stamps you have used, soooooo cheeky.
Pmsl, the flamingos look like they are plotting something really naughty!! I hope you have this hung somewhere for all to enjoy my lovely?
Big hugs x x x x

Rosemary said...

Oh, my dear Gini, you make me grin with your posts (you're terrifically witty and it's delightful to read here). This is a fantastic canvas! I love the scene you've created and I want to shrink down and live in this world for a few days to let the world weariness wash off me - if the flamingoes and duckies let me near the water! Wonderful interpretation of the challenge, I was stumped for a little bit on this one but muddled through!

Margaret said...

brilliant, all of it! the colours and images are so much fun. I'm slightly biased towards the flamingos, I have a small secret stash of them and you tell us how to reverse stamp, did I know that? perhaps I did? but now I've had my aha moment and I'll be trying it out! Mx


What a glorious scene your lovely Son passes on his way to school Gini - I would want to stay and play for a while, especially as there are sequins in this part of the woods!! Those little critters are such fun but I'm not sure about the two DB's (Flamingoes)!
A fabulous scene, and a great story as always Gini - and I do love your paper-piecing!

Big Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Karen said...

WOW WOW WOW!!!! so much work has gone into this new fantastic piece!!!! They all look like they are 'on' something with those eyes hahahahaha!!! Love it all!!!!!

Now you are a bad girl for telling us that Octopode do digi....off for a look hahaha, HUGS xxx

Sherry said...

What a fun piece Gini, I love how you bring all the different characters to life in such a funny way! The dog's b*ll*cks indeed!! xx

Jane Wetzel said...

hi Gini! LOVE your story filled canvas :) Gosh, Ive been wanting those Octopode characters for a while now...one day I WILL purchase some..you have enabled me!

Barb Cady said...

What a fun filled piece of delight, I love the way you have interpreted their expressions in the story! x

Electra said...

I can't believe I missed all this nature goodness. What wonderful happy colours you have used, and I must toddle over to Octopode now, the stamps are terrific! Good to see you making stuff, Gini!

Coco said...

Hello Gini, at first thanks so much for following me on Pinterest.. :D
I don't go very often on Pinterest as far I am concerned as I missed time too much, but all my makes are stored in my gallery. I've just descided to follow you too in return to thank you, additionnaly what you do is very lovely!! Especially this creation, absolutely exquisite and adorable!!!
Happy New Year 2015! Crafty hugs, Coco x