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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Opus Gluei Challenge #138. The Rock Diet.

Ever found yourself caught between a rock and a hard place?
When was the last time you tried the latest crazy diet that didn't work?
Well Two Barrettes definitely wishes she read the small print because she really wasn't expecting this on day 4 of her new diet.

Click on her rocks to make them bigger (snigger).

The Opus Gluei Challenge this fortnight is called "Me and my camera" and you are to use a photo in your project.
The challenge was set by the lovely Electra who makes absolutely gorgeous digital and hand papercrafted Scrap Book Pages and mixed media art.

Well I can tell you that this challenge nearly made me give up the glue. Boo Hoo.
I never use photo's or do scrap booking, it does not appeal to me at all to make it myself, and I tried all week to come up with something scrapbooky with a photo I took of a pebble sculpture years ago in Ilfracoombe harbour.
But I could not manage anything AT ALL.

In the end I gave up and cut out the pebble sculpture and made a person out of it, so I have used part of a photo I took after all - hooray!
The arms didn't look very arm like, so a made a handbag to try and give you a clue that hey, these really are arms, honest.

Happy Creating with Bournville Old Jamaica Rum and Raisin dark chocolate, my favourite yum! So much nicer than rocks...


Jane Wetzel said...

Hi Gini :) Love your rock lady and...hmmm...wish I was there enjoying the rum! he he he!

Dawn said...

Ha ha ha, Gini she is fabulous. Seeing as you weren't 'feeling the love' for the challenge you certainly turned it around and made a lovely piece of art. Good on you for sticking at it and not giving in, well worth it in the end methinks!!
Big hugs x x x x

Rosemary said...

Gini - you manage to make something wonderful even when you aren't feeling the love for the project and this is no exception. Oh my, that's not how a diet is supposed to work! She's funny and creative (like you, only you are MUCH MUCH prettier).


Another fabulously inventive work of art Gini, and a brilliant story too (as always). I think I will stick to the Bournville diet though!
Have a happy week - Hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Electra said...

You make me very happy, girlfriend. Too bad you felt somewhat trapped, look at the MASTERPIECE that came from it! I love your creativity Gini, it has no limits!

Gez said...

Fabulous creation Gini. I love it!

Enjoy your choc.. they still make it?? Have you got a secret stash!!! Haven't seen/heard of that in years!!

Hope the school hols have gone well, not long now! I must make a start with the school labels soon, can't put it off for much longer!!

Take care xx

Karen said...

hahahahaha!!!!!!! Looks like that diet has made her very constipated!!!!! Love this sweetheart. Only you could turn this around, HUGS xxx

Sherry said...

Hello Gini, hope you're well and happy. Your card is fab! Love the rock lady - you did it!! xxx

Deborah said...

Ha, ha! Been here, done that! I did see that they were arms. I love it!

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

This is such a cool figure! That's a great use of photography. Blessings!

Barb Cady said...

Brilliant, this really made me happy smile! Well done, you are very creative, as for the chocolate, yum yum yum!