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Sunday, 23 September 2012

Opus Gluei Challenge #140 A little Sketchy

This fortnight Kristen has challenged us all to use a sketch, which is not something I do very often and my interpretations are usually very literal but not this time.
No, this time I paid the price of not thinking this through.

Sooo once I realised just how difficult it is to get 3 separate square nestie die cuts to line up accurately; lots of maths and measuring....and  I thought WTF crafting is my hobby it's supposed to be fun. I had a rethink and decided that Wonky is fun and hip and cool and wicked and... but to make it look properly wonky I started again and used my Wonky Rectangles nesties.

I also went back to the Retro Sketches challenge site and had a look again and there is a PTI die that is three squares in a row, so that makes it easier, but there is no way I'm paying PTI prices and P&P, are you having a laugh mate?! I think not.
But 100 hundred intrepid card makers have done the calculations for the 3 in a row.
Kudos to them :-)

I spent ages cutting the apertures and then I forgot to mount the frame using dimension foam so you can't tell the wonky rectangles are apertures AND I also forgot the Butterfly element as I was FAR too busy fussing about the 3 in a row thing.
Grr so let that be a lesson for us all to not sweat the small stuff or it'll all go pear shaped!

To make up for the missing butterfly element I added card candy in the bottom left corner as I couldn't think of anything that would work with the rest of the card, without it looking like a botch job, which is exactly what this card is but hey I can hide that if I put some more card candy in the top left corner to balance it maybe a bit better- but now I think it is illegal because I've deviated from the sketch too much!
Who knew card making could be this exciting?

But aren't the Octopode flowers cute?
It's the smallest flower in the rubber stamp range stamped onto some Basic Grey Sweet Threads designer paper.

Happy creating with sketches!


Margaret said...

Wonky, hip and cool get my vote any day, who needs more straight lines, don't we have enough already??
I love your card making, funky and colourful, your work always makes me smile! Mx

Electra said...

OK, I'm giggling. I know, that's unkind, but I am. I would only laugh at you because I love you. You know that, don't you? and the card, well, it's wonky and wonderful, and yes the Octopode flowers are great!!


Oh Gini - I just LOVE these cute little flower faces - I think it's something to do with that startled look in their eyes! (Wonder what they are looking at through those open windows - oh, I know - they've just seen a huge butterfly approaching at high speed)!
I think you have captured the sketch perfectly, and the vibrant colours are fab.
Have a happy week Gini - hugs, Sylvia xx

Rosemary said...

Oh my gosh, your creative process is a joy to read. I love "Who knew card making could be so exciting," that just made me laugh out loud. You and I could have such fun if we lived nearby, we might not get much accomplished but we'd laugh our respective behinds off! Your car is wonderful, I love those flowers, they make me smile! Well done, my dear friend!