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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas to you Cards

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful, prosperous and creative New Year.

If 2011 was a crapper for you too, then let's believe in the miracle of Christmas and that next year will be full of wonderful surprises, peace and prosperity with a large daily helping of joy, excellent health and happiness.

If 2011 was a fabulous year for you I hope next year is even better.

I have told Santa just how good you've been this year so make sure you hang up a really big stocking tonight, I mean really BIG, you know;
a humungous whopper of a stocking - yes, you have been that good and so have I.

Here are just a few of the Christmas cards I made this year. Each one badly photo'd and wonky, no change there then. If you want to see it wonky even bigger, click on it, if not then just tip your head to the side a little bit.

Happy creating right through 2012!



Brilliant cards Gini - especially love the first one!
It's almost midnight so Santa will be coming down the chimney soon - stockings at the ready everyone!!!!!!
Hope next year is wonderful for you Gini - hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Jane Wetzel said...

Awesomeness Gini! teeeee-heeee...esp love that 2nd one! lol
Best wishes to you and yours...love, Jane :)

Electra said...

Merry Hoho, my friend. I believe the best is yet to come for us. I hope your day is filled with love and joy and lots of laughter. (and shininess, lots of shininess!)
Love to you...Electra

Sherry Edwards said...

Love all your cards Gini.

Hope your Christmas stocking was filled to the brim and you had a lovely day.

Here's to the New Year ... cheers xxx

Rosemary said...

After I stopped laughing about 2011 being a crapper - truer words have never been spoken - I really enjoyed the rest of your post. I hold out hope and faith that 2012 will be much better and I hold that wish fervently for my loved ones like YOU, my dear Gini.

I think your Christmas cards look amazing, I'm not surprised by that. Mom and I loved ours, Mom is showing it off to everyone who comes into her room and telling them about the sweet lady who made it for her. She's entirely RIGHT too.

I love the diverse styles represented here and they are definitely you, they are elegant and warm just like the lady who made them.

Jana said...

Down with 2011 and on with 2012.

I LOVE your forest of cards. Each and every tree is delightful. I especially love that gear tree. Very cool.