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Friday, 28 January 2011

Spanky does Welcome and Float On Stampotique!

The Stampotique Designer Challenge is to make a welcome card for the new Stampotique Designers.

So we're wishing all the new Stampotique designers a warm welcome.
You can find them here.

If you are unfamiliar with Spanky, she is a time traveling stylist, she is bold, daring, windswept and dangerous and she knows everything about Romance, she lives here in The Land of Shiny with me, I'm her sidekick and gofer.
Well, I'm just her pale shadow really.

Firstly I must apologise to Alberto who is the only male stampotique designer, unfortunately we are catering for the majority in this post and that is the Wimen.
Fortunately for you, this is The Land of Shiny and regardless of what job title you may hold now or in the future, we shall never expect you to pour the coffee or distribute the biscuits...unless it is actually your turn :-)

Now then.
Come in and welcome.
Come in and share a little LOVE with the Torrente Boys.

Sometimes they like to pretend they are The Floaters.
Oh yes they do.

Aquarius and my name is Heart Throb,
I love a woman who can hold her own,
a woman who can grab hold of my ears and hold on tight.
Take my hand, come with me baby, to Love Land.

Libra and my name is Hunk,
Now I like a woman who carries herself like Miss Universe,
a woman who can balance a crown on her enormous head,
a woman who will take me to Love Land.

Leo and my name is Weasel,
I love all the women of the world,
I paint a new name on my sign every night,
because I love everybody and everything,
and you know what, ladies, if you feel this is you,
Then this is what you do -
Take my hand,
come with me baby, to Love Land.
Float, float on.

Spanky says welcome and float on...


Come on you know you want to watch the video, I still can't believe that song was taken seriously or that it was even written and performed, I can imagine it was written whilst they were very very drunk but it didn't get laughed at and thrown in the bin the next day did it, we are soooo doomed.
Private Frazer was right.

I am practicing that shaking finger step in the mirror.
I think Himself might like it.

Happy creating!


Sherry Edwards said...

Awww Gini, but I love that song!!! Really enjoyed seeing the video of it again - you just gotta love Charles! LOL

I can type now as I've finished LOL at your post - which is soooooo funny! Your card is simply brilliant - I just love your 'Torrente Boys' (especially Weasel). What a fabulous welcome!

Karen said...

hahahahaha pml rofl and all that!!! I just LOVE your card...so many layers and you ALWAYS make me smile my lovely!!!!

Oh and a BIG thank you for my bookmark which arrived this morning!


Kaz said...

Brilliant post, I remember that song myself!
The welcome card is stunning, you have put so much effort and detail onto it. Thanks for joining us at Stampotique x

Jingle said...

This is so fun!

Jane Wetzel said...

amazing just amazing! lol yes..i also had to click on the song and smile :) I have to get these images...thats all there is to it..

Rosa Witten said...

OMG! That is so cool, I couldn't even finish reading the post without placing a comment. The heads, the paper, the coloring, the dimensional layer effect, it's so cool! I am so glad I found your blog it makes me smile. :)

Rosemary said...

I have to wait until this evening to watch the video but this post had me laughing at my desk during lunch! So fun! You are adorable, Ms. Gini of the Lovely Smelling breath. I'm loving all the color and the handsome devils you're showing here (doesn't one of them like long walks on the beach?).

(we don't have Polos here, but I may have to try your sugar-buster trick with some Lifesavers)

Gini said...

I was laughing my parts off writing that post last night :-)
They could go on tour and give the Chippendales a run for their money couldn't they! Phoar!!!!!!!!!!

-THE TORRENTE BOYS coming to a town near you.-

I would throw my knickers at Heart Throb as he's my favourite!


Linda said...

Brilliant post Gini...I loved it!! The card is truly fab; you are SUCH a clever girl :-)
Oh I remember that song well...I think it used to be one of my mum's favs.
I shall continue practising carrying myself like Miss Universe...and holding my own ;-) (But not in a Michael Jackson-
kind-of-way, lol !!)
Linda xx
(PS I love my shiny bookmark - thank you sweetie)

Arwen said...

Wow it's so wonderful - so much details.
Great work!!!

xx Arwen

Rosemary said...

I watched the video - OMG, that's fun. So, now I understand the reference to the Floaters!


OMG - what a fabulous Welcome card this is Gini - so much detail and dimension and what a story - I laughed my socks off!! Was a bit unsure about the "floaters" bit, until I watched the video!! (Can't say I remember them, but I'm probably too young)!!!!!!!!!
Hugs, Sylvia xxx
PS: Thanks again for the beautiful bookmark!

Basement Stamper said...

Gini, this is so absolutely over the top creatively cool!!! I love it and the fact that it's one of those folded cards (the name is slipping me right now). Awesome job and best of luck on the guest designer! Thanks for playing along with us.

Electra said...

This is so cool! But I have no idea how you made it. Very curious...

Moniqui said...

lol, this is so awesome!

dutchstamptramp said...

Wow how fabulous is this! Absolutely LOVE your creation. Thanks for the warm welcome!

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, this is fabulous and colourful construction :-) Love it! Thanks for joining the challenge x

Willy said...

What an amazing work, Gini! Love it!

Creepy Glowbugg said...

Your creation is amazing, and stunning, and gorgeously colored and layed out! I love your style!
Thanks so much for that early morning laugh from the Floaters!

claire barone art said...

Gini thanks so much for your comment on my post they mean alot to me a real lift when i feel down which is not very often thank god xx

Sarah Schwerin said...

This is such an awesome project Gini! I love it!

Hella said...

this looks absolutely fantastic!! is there a template for the card? great idea with lots of dimentions