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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Challenges for Stampotique, Masks, Scenes and Mona Lisa

I hope you'll forgive me for combining my 4 pieces together in one post, as they are interlinked and were created together with all three challenges in mind.

Stampotique Challenge - Use the stamping technique masks.

Order of the Opus Gluei - Make a scene.

Sunday Postcard Art - Alter the Mona Lisa.

Firstly the Stampotique Challenge.
You know how sometimes you mishear something and go off at a tangent and then somebody corrects your misunderstanding and you go off again and still get it wrapped around your ears wrong???

Well this happens to me ... a lot, so I thought I'd make some joke art out of it, because really when you get it so wrong over and over the only way to deal with it is to make a joke out of it.
Where would be without humour?
While I was ruminating on this idea, Kolossal was bouncing up and down in my stamp draw, shouting "Pick me, oh PICK ME!"
So how could I refuse...

Click on any picture to make it bigger.

So Kolossal rushed back to the drawing board and tried again...

Now then,  the first picture was my first try at masking a scene and I made a right hash of it by getting in a muddle order wise and picking some see through stamps, which um, don't benefit from being masked.  In fact masking them makes them look wrong. Hey ho.
So I tried again and got it right with the second picture.
I turned hanging hearts upside down and I think they make a nice lumpy, humpy,  bumpy meadow with little mushrooms and toadstools growing in it or maybe quirky flowers.
The lovely lady is made up of Prom Queen's body with Clover's head.
Clover is a head only stamp.
I made her by masking out Prom Queen's head with a post it note stuck on the stamp itself.
Inked up the stamp.
Peeled away the post it note and stamped just the body.
Now all Stampotique stamps stamp beautifully but they are on wood blocks which makes positioning them awkward.
I expect if I spent about 100 years puzzling, I could have worked out how to plan Clover's head placement using a stamp positioner, and incidentally I do have one.
But I am an old bird and don't have 100 years left, and also I like to try and live as dangerously and windsweptedly as I can without the cover of Spanky.
So I positioned my nose on my work table so I could look underneath my stamp and at the paper all at the same time (as it were) as I stamped Clover.
It worked!
I then felt I had had quite enough excitement for one day.
These scenes are also for the Opus Gluei Challenge
If you have never visited this challenge site, please do so, you'll love them, they are funny, lovely ladies and they set really good challenges.
(Is the cheque in the post yet Rosemary?)

Onto the Sunday Postcard Art challenge to alter Mona.

Have you noticed that tempting open space in Hunk's head where his brain box would be?
It's a wonderful open space complete with tumble weeds blowing around, just like my brain box.
So I thought I would do some more masking and put Mona in Hunk's brain.

 I thought anything other than white space around him would detract from the goings on in his head. So I put only a boarder around the postcard. Mona is stamped in the deliciously lovely and shiny multi colour Brilliance inkpad called Twilight. I used the Brilliance colour combination called Peacock in the next version and it gets even shinier if you heat emboss it with clear powder.

To give a bit more definition to hunk's shape as his outline is quite pale, I cut him out and mounted him on foam pads so he'll cast himself a shadow.
This is the shiny shot.

I painted Iridescent blue twinkling H2O's on navy blue card. The mount makes the postcard 6" by 4".

Happy creating!

P.S. I still have some wish bookmarks left if you want one, just ask in the comments of that Happy New Year post and it is yours :-)



Oh Gini - these are fabulous!! Once again your imagination has taken us on a merry-go-round of humour and art! Love the humpy bumpy meadow created with hearts, and I really like the flasksmasks. Brilliant, as always Gini - you rock!!
Hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Gez said...

You definately rock Gini. BRILLIANT creations. :) so love your flasks oops I mean masks..xx

Rosemary said...

Gini, the check IS in the mail! (LOL)

It is hard for me to pinpoint how much of the enjoyment I get from your blog is the project and how much is your humor. It's roughly a non-mathematical possibility because they are each 100%! You make me laugh, smile, and enjoy lovely eye candy whenever I visit. I love reading about the creative process behind your work. Then there are your projects. These are FANTASTIC! (and I'm not just saying that because you gave us a big ol' shoutout - though that's very nice) I love your embrace of color and whimsy, MARVELOUS Gini!

Kaz said...

Love the lot!! It's great to see you using the stamps in your own way. Thanks for joining us at Stampotique.

Sherry Edwards said...

A lovely funny post Gini! Love your interpretations of 'masking' - so funny!

I always have a bit of bother with getting masking right (that's probably why I've only done it a couple of times!!) I'll have to try your method of positioning my nose level .... LOL.

Your altered Mona is great too!

Basement Stamper said...

Love it and the hearts upside down are perfect. Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge.

Electra said...

It's wonderful to see your great art again, Gini! And all of this is up to your usual wonderfully high standards!

Willy said...

Beautiful artwork! Love the card with all the hearts. Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge.

Jana said...

Oh, my, but you have made my Monday a happy one. I really, really, really love Kolossal's first mask attempt. I could use one of those Jolly Nice Flasks today. LOL Your humpy, bumpy meadow is gorgeous. I (heart) all of those hearts. As for your highly technical stamp positioning system, I too have that same one. Birds of a feather, I suppose.
Now then, Hunk has a bit of a Mona obsession, I would say. LOVE it.

Thank you so much for the OPUS GLUEI shout out. We adore all of your creations and look forward to seeing them.

joanne wardle said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. I've had a lot of smiles looking round your blog, you have a great sense of fun in your art. love it