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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Happy New Year and GIVEAWAY!

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Happy New Year to us all!
I predict this year will be wonderfully creative for all of us.
So let's get started.

Most years start with resolutions and grand plans that last all of 3 days don't they? ...Hmmm.
So I thought if we start the year by making wishes instead of resolutions we would be onto a sure thing; because wishes are just visualizations (happy brainfarts) of all the amazing possibilities open to us which are only limited by the size of our imaginations.
You just make your wish and keep your thoughts focused on the wish you made.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

So I thought I'd start the new year by being a wish enabler to my blog visitors.
What could be more pleasureful for me eh?
Truly this makes me full to the brim with pleasure, which is a delightful start to my year.
I have made loads of Make a Wish bookmarks for you.
They look all lovely and shiny and just like this.

The black stamping is embossed and the background is all shiny.
(As always they look better in real life.) 

I have tried to find quotes in keeping with making wishes to go on the back.
Here are the ones I found.

Ask and it is given.

We create our opportunities by asking for them.

I accept miracles, healing and wholeness for myself.

(And also this one which is not about asking but it is one of my favourite quotes.)

Angels know no philosophy only love.
Basically you can have whatever quote you like on the back.
Just tell me what you would like and I will put it on your bookmark for you.
If it is a short sentence it will look similar to the ones I've made in my photo above. Longer quotes will need a smaller font and different layout.
It's your bookmark so you have whatever quote you want :-)

So do you fancy a little bit of shiny for yourself?

What do you have to do to get it?

Well....... just ask and it is given!

Leave me a comment and what quote you would like on the back of your bookmark and a way to contact you, so I can ask you for your postal address, so I can send it to you.
If you don't want to put in the comments (which are visible to anyone) the quote you want for your bookmark then just email it to me.

All I would ask of you is not to publicize this giveaway, as it is for you, the folk who read my blog, regular lurkers are of course included ;-)  
(A lurker is someone who reads a blog regularly but is too shy to normally leave a comment.)

Let's wish ourselves into the wonderful lives we have imagined.
This year, let's hit the ground running.



Wow Gini welcome back, and what a great start to the year. Love your fabulous bookmarks, so I would be delighted to be classed as one of your regular lurkers, just so I can enter, pretty please! I would like the following words on my bookmark if I am lucky enough to win one - here goes:-
"Live the life you love and love the life you live".
If that's too long, then the first half will do!!
Hugs, Sylvia xxxx
PS: I think you have my addy.!

Sandy Ang said...

Happy new year and may it be one where all your wishes are fulfilled. How wonderful to think of wishes instead of resolutions. I wish i'll be more free and adventurous in my crafting style in the year ahead.

Electra said...

I'm so glad to see you again and what a lovely way to begin the year! I would love to have one of your bookmakrs. "Be still and know that I am here." would be my request. Thanks Gini, you're the best!

Karen said...

Hi my lovely friend! What a truly thoughful girly you are...brainfarts and all :D If I can have one can I have an 'Angels' one perlease!!! They are lovely bookmarks to start the New Year! I wish you all the joy & peace in the world...oh & lots of crafty goodies & time to play with it hahaha HUGS XXX

Sherry Edwards said...

Hello Gini - lovely to see you back - I've missed you my lovely!

I'd love a little bit of shiny in the form of one of your gorgeous bookmarks. Could I simply have .... Wishing on a star .....

I'm wishing you all the love in the world - and a creative and shiny new year too of course!

Sherry xx

Rosemary said...

Oh, welcome back, sweetie!

I've missed your cheerful blogging!

Okay, you are very generous and if I may be so bold as to ask...the quote I would like is

This moment contains all moments.

THANKS so much!

Margaret said...

OOOooo fabli start to the New Year! I'd love one of your bookmarks please, the one with the angel quote is my fav! I'm looking to this years artistic pursuits on your blog! Mx

Rosa Witten said...

Hi Gini! I am loving your stuff so fun. I love how you used the hearts upside down on your newest post. I will have to give that I try, I was just looking at those hearts and trying to decide how to use them. I would love one of your bookmarks if still available. You can email me rwcandles@hotmail.com
thanks for sharing.

Gez said...

Wow! Gini your bookmarks look amazing as does everything on your blog..love your December dress with the fireworks. I would love, love, love a bookmark too if I am not too late.. I accept miracles.. would be a lovely wish.. as a busy Mum I never often think about myself & this rings a bell!
Hope you are well..wishing you all the very best of everything for 2011. Hugs Gez.xx email gezzyb@sky.com

Jana said...

Gini - I am so very happy that you are back. I have missed you. Your bookmarks are wonderfully, lovely. And such a generous soul you are to offer them up like this. If there happens to be one lying about, I would be honored to receive one. Any of the quotes would be wonderful. I suppose if I had to pick, I would ask for your favorite one.
Hugs - Jana