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Friday, 27 August 2010

Opus Gluei Challenge #69 Not so Ordinary.

The challenge this week over at the Opus Gluei is to make something different and outside your comfort zone.

Well different for me and outside my comfort zone would be a standard card using designer paper, a rubber stamp, embellishment and shaped border.
I make all sorts of strange crap things so a traditional card where I haven't drawn anything myself (or made a picture and stuck it on a card blank which would be cheating for the purpose of this challenge) is outside my comfort zone and I have only recently been dipping my toes in this crafting style of water as it were.
So that's what you're getting from me for this challenge, a layout card, in fact your getting a series of 8 layout cards, in for a penny in for a pound.

I admit I chickened out of inches which was my first thought as I haven't been able to make them at all and am still nursing my bruised ego from a whole evening of inchy making, all of which went straight in the bin.
Quite a feat really for 4 hours work; from craft table to bin in one swift motion.
Maybe I'd have more success if I stayed up way past my bedtime?
Nah, I 'd probably end up with foot long inches.
Nothing quite like the logic that crafting at 3am gives you.

I really like the black border style.
I'm always drawn to the cards that use black as an accent colour.
(It's must be the lure of the dark side.)
I'm not terribly impressed with any of them, but you have to start somewhere and they aren't so bad that I threw them all in the bin either.

What I used.

A basic grey paper not sure from which range sorry.
Tim Holtz stamps heat embossed in detail black.
Glue stick to stick down DP and black card.
White PVA to stick down the ribbons all of which came from www.alteredelement.co.uk/

Talking about glue, what a mess a glue stick makes and doubled sided tape only gives you one chance at getting it accurately stuck down so I prefer white PVA and a fine nozzle and the wiggle room it gives you.
What type of glue do you like to use on layout cards where accurate positioning is so important?

Whether you are in your creative comfort zone or not this week- happy creating!

Do I get money for this many posts in one week do you think?




Love the black punched borders Gini and the cards are so beautifully made that I would never have guessed that they are "out of your comfort zone". Re. your "sticky" question - if you use Double-Sided Sticky Tape, instead of removing ALL of the backing strips before attaching the piece to your card, just lift a small length (approx. 1") of the backing at one end of each length of tape, fold and crease the 1" lengths towards the outer edges of the piece so they sticks out, then pop the piece onto your card. Once you are happy with the placement, pull the 1" tabs to remove the backing strips.
So sorry if you already know about this Gini - you will have gone to sleep by now!!!!
Love and hugs, Sylvia xxxxx

Gini said...

Sylvia - No, I'm all ears and no sleeping as I didn't know that or if I ever did I have forgotten it, so thank you very much for the info.

Karen said...

er no cash here my lovely but a pat on the back & a hug for all your posting!!!!

Glue sticks for me are just a means of sticking stamps to blocks if need be!!! I use pva most of the time and sometime ds tape. If its somet6hing bulky I use glossy accents as thats brilliant for glueing!

YAY...you made some cards...I really like them. The black borders really make them pop. Well done my lovely


Rosemary said...

I like these too, I'm not sure why you're not pleased with them. Oh, the logic of 3 a.m., I can empathize!

I hope you give inchies a try, Jana makes marvelous ones - mine are a lot plainer but I think they're fun!

Electra said...

Just how big exactly IS your comfort zone, girlfriend? It seems to me you make the coolest stuff, no matter what you try. (and I'll bet the inchies were cool too, but you're too hard on yourself) the borders are great. And I use Glossy Accents.

Margaret said...

well, I think these are fab!! do not throw anything away!!! Send them to me!! I have that stamp myself and I love it.
As for glue, go and get yourself a tube of Gel Medium, it sticks everything, paper, beads,fabric the lot! you need nothing else, it has quite a nice finish on it if you use it as a top layer, then you don't need to use any gloss products. All in one, ta da! Mxx

Sherry said...

Hello Gini,

Your cards are totally fab! I love the stamp and what you've done with it. I love the black borders and edgings too. .... seems I'm spreading the love here ... not the glue! I've seen that tip about using double sided tape Sylvia-Anne mentioned although haven't tried it. I tend to do everything by eye so more often than not it turns out a bit wonky!

Jana said...

How in the world did I miss these? I LOVE them. It's wonderful how the different borders change the feel to each one. As far as adhesive goes, you have to know that I use many different ones depending on the project, my mood and the position of Jupiter in the sky.

Linda said...

Firstly never, ever throw anything away (tut tut).
Secondly...a foot-long inchie? ...nah, I can't get my head round that one ;-)
And thirdly...your cards are brill!!

PS Margaret is absolutely right about the gel medium. I couldn't contemplate life without it....

joanne wardle said...

there's really only one glue as far as I'm concerned, Bostik all purpose (the one in the purple tube): sticks everything!! and it gives you a lttle room for manoeuvre as it's a wet glue