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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Opus Gluei Challenge #67 Dog days of Summer

I know its more birds BUT I don't care.
Aren't these stamps just the most fun you've seen in ages???
This is a tri fold card and I got the instructions for making one here  Thank you Jayni.
I know it is the rose tinted spectacles view of Summer that I've represented in this card.

I can't see that even if I did a shiny version of mossie bites on a leg that it would be greeted with much joy nor would a shiny sweaty armpit, but the truth of keeping hens is that unless they have a VERY large grassy area to strut their stuff in, it will end up a brown patch of dirt very quickly and no flowers would survive either.
So this is the shiny version of keeping hens.
I used pencil crayons to colour it and edged it with cut and dry foam using Adirondack dye ink in clover. The black ink used is my favouriteVersafine black.
Click on it to make it bigger.

Shiny shot that shows the glitter.

These are the fabulous stamps.

Did you know that hens from Belgium  make a different noise? Kot kot kot.
Is that a silent "t" then? And do you pronounce the "ko" bock?
Because that's the noise they make?
It's a shame I can't do you a sound bite of my hen impersonation.
Maybe as a special Christmas treat I could do one, because I am lead to believe by my loved ones, to hear it is life changing.

Hmm, thinking about it they don't go cluck either, they really do go BOCK.

Happy creating this weekend!



Hi Gini - this is fabulous! Love the stamp set - it's perfect for this tri-fold design. Your colouring is totally joyful, as always. Will be in touch very soon. Have a wonderful week.
Hugs, Sylvia xxxxxxx

Jana said...

Wonderful set of chickens you have. So much detail. Must be quite like watching the real things. Just don't know where to look next. I LOVE IT. Thank you for playing with us at OPUS GLUEI. I adore your creations. Tell Spanky I send my best.

Rosemary said...

Darling Gini - I don't know what I enjoy more - your fun posts or your lovely projects! Luckily I get to enjoy both! These stamps are fantastic and I love this card, I'm going to check out the tutorial and try it out for myself (add this as project #247 on the list of all the goodies I want to make!).

Hope all is well, you're obviously being a crafty gal and I love to see the results! Hugs from the USA!

Karen said...

Oh Gini....I adore chickens & could watch them for hours!!! I spent ages looking at your card...its really fantastic!!!! I am loving that stamp! HUGS XXX

Electra said...

This card is amazing. YOu do such fine work and you do it so well! I am gong to watch this card for many hours, but you will never know I am here. I'll just quietly watch. Hey, my verification word is "chensual" Is that sensual chickens?

Sherry said...

What a great card (and funny post too as usual) Gini! You can almost see those little hens kot-kot-kotting around! Thanks for the link too - another for my endless list of things I want to try.

(Thanks for visiting my blog too and all those lovely comments!)

Take care, Sherry xx

Linda said...

I think this is the best card I have ever seen!!
And those are the cutest hens ever....
Fabulous work Gini - you're a star!
Linda xx
PS Can't wait for the hen impersonations at Christmas :-)