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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Dress Up 2010 July. Here comes the bride all Spankified.

The deliciously delightful Margaret is hosting the Dress Up 2010 here.

Here comes the bride all Spankified.

Click on any of the pictures to make them bigger.

Ever since Evangeline set eyes on Hauwt Hottie Guy here, Spanky has been preparing her wedding dress.
Nothing like a bit of forward planning.
Just in case you can't remember what Hauwt Hottie Guy looks like, here's a reminder.

First rule of being a girl scout is never pass up the chance to ogle a Stud Muffin.
I was and still am a very diligent student of this rule.
Steadfastness is a virtue.

Spanky has let me tell you how she made this one.
Firstly using this template cut a dress out of white felt.

Now about the sewing thread I use.
If you've never heard of this thread before you are either going to love me or hate me for telling you about it, because once you've seen the finish it gives you there will be no going back; a bit like flirting with the dark side :-)

It's quilter's invisible nylon thread and it's designed for use in sewing machines to do the stitching that holds the three layers of quilt together; the backing, the padding and the quilted front panel.
You can also use it for overlocking, appliqué, bobbin work etc.
I would imagine it will make a fabulous job of invisibly machine sewing that pleated paper/ribbon technique that is so popular on cards at the moment.

The total brilliance of this thread is that it is invisible so if you hand sew ribbons, beads etc onto a fabric you cannot see any of the holding stitches at all.  Also it doesn't matter how untidy your stitches are because you can't see them.
Now for someone like me who has always hand sewn with more exuberance than skill, it is simply a modern day miracle.

For hand sewing the down side of it is also it's strength; the invisibility, which means threading your needle is a pain even using a needle threader and as it is nylon it is harder to fasten on the back to start with.
Also, it is very difficult to use in artificial light and even in daylight I use the position of my thumb on my non sewing hand to let me know where the next stitch needs to go.
Top Tip: If you are feeling friendly you could always use someone else's thumb.
BUT you can't get a better finish and personally speaking that makes it totally worth it.

This is what the thread looks like.

I use the .004 thread size as it will sew through even the tiniest of seed beads.
I use a tiny 3.1cm sewing needle. (I must be doolally.)

Back to the dress.

1. Start with the ribbons. This is what we are aiming for.

Using 1cm wide pale pink ribbon.

Do the side ribbons first starting at the waistband.
Use running stitch.
Sew across the top of the ribbon at one side of the waist band.
Fold a pleat and then sew across the top of the pleat. Repeat until you get to the bottom of the skirt.
Use a ruler to measure the spaces and the pleat length if it helps you, I did.
Fold the ribbon around the back of the bottom of the skirt and sew it down and cut off the rest of the ribbon.

                                                                       The front

                                                                      The back

Do the other side ribbon next.

Then do the centre ribbon. Do the centre ribbon last because it is shorter than the side ribbons and you need to judge by eye where the folds need to go, measuring isn't going to help on this one and I don't know about your relationship with God and whether he will help you or not.
Need a stiff drink yet? Don't worry, you soon will.

2. Sew the white lace across the bottom hem inbetween the bottom pale pink pleats.

3. Next sew the two 4mm wide cherry purple ribbons inbetween the pale pink ribbons.
Sew using running stitch from the waistband downwards to the bottom of the skirt.

4. Then using running stitch sew the 1.5cm wide eyelet lace over the top of the cherry purple ribbon.
Sew down one side of the lace and up the other side so it is properly attached and you need not fear that a rogue elephant can rip it off the dress.Very important that. Remember safety first.

5. For the waistband, sew pink heart shiny embellishments one by one across the top of the skirt ribbons. See second picture below.
Then sew a white pearl shiny embellishment on top of each of the pink hearts and sew a tiny pink seed bead into the middle of each white pearl.

6. Sew white pearls around the neckline again including a little pink seed bead in the middle of the button.
Sew some more across the bottom of the skirt. See finished dress picture at the top of this post.
You will probably need a lot of alcohol by now, so finish the rest of it later.

7. You back then? Got a hangover? Well tough, lets finish this sucker.
Pick up the invisible thread again, go on you know you want to.
Just think of the immaculate finish you get or just think of the Queen and England instead.
You owe it to your country, you know you do.

In fact it's a bit like sewing the Emperor's new clothes and we all know what happened to him don't we?

Nehked in the streets.

8. Finish by sewing pearl torpedo/Guinea Pig Pooh shaped beads and pink seed beads to the edge of the sleeves.
Now I had had quite enough by then but you could go on and sew teeny tiny white pearl seed beads down the skirt ribbons if you feel like it or you might like to go and find more drink.
Tricky choice for you to make there.

I will leave the photo's of the dresses altogether until next month as I need to buy a bit of dowel (sp? rhymes with towel) to hang them on and this post is already very long.

The thought of going shopping makes me shudder with horror and not shiver with delight unfortunately.
I know; how weird for a girl.

Happy creating!
Gini xx


Sherry said...

Wow Gini - I'm exhausted just reading about all the work that went into your beautiful dress! I've also got eyestrain at the thought of using that invisible thread - I have trouble using ordinary thread let alone something as exquisite as this wonderful invention - LOL
Seriously though, it's a beautiful dress and I'm sure the Hottie Guy won't be able to resist Evangeline in it (either that or he'll nick it for himself to wear!!)

Karen said...

ooo Gini...so much work has gone into this wonderful dress my lovely!!! Methinks I must get some of this thread now...mmm...that means shopping of course :D

Oh wouldn't it be amazsing if everytime we went to put on a dress a Hotty Guy popped up the front....hehe

Funnily enough I have mine all ready to post today too, tho its not as pretty as yours at all! Oh and try a little blob of glossy accents on the knot at the back to stop that nylon thread undoing!


Jana said...

Gini, this dress if fabulous. And thank you so much for sharing your path to beauty. I have a hankering to attempt this tutorial. Minus the sewing part, of course.

Gini said...

Sherry - LOL!

Karen - You gotta start praying for the hauwt ones, get down on your knees and pray baby! And thank you for the glossy accents tip I wouldn't have thought of that. :-)

Jana - Ooookaaay! You're a cheeky Miss but I like you :-)


Jingle said...

Gini, your dress is absolutely fabulous!

Chat Noir said...

...would it be okay by you if I skip straight to the drinks?? I sometimes catch sight of these dresses as I blurf (blog+surf, thanks Electra) past, but just the thought of attempting anything more than downloading the pattern (which I have actually done thankyou) is EXHAUSTING. I think I'll just watch from the sidelines and have the glasses poured ready for you when you collapse. Bubbles anyone?

Halle said...

The dress is wonderful and so very detailed! Your humor is equally fun! I really enjoyed the post!

bad penny said...

Great fun - thanks

~*~Patty said...

Such a fun post and a lovely dress, and I thought I fiddled ... what a fab job you did with ribbon and beads!
Dum dum da dum ;)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I think I've missed some of your lovely dresses, so I'm going to try to find them. After all, I missed Mr. Hottie at Mardi Gras, for one.

I can't grip a needle, so sewing by hand is out of the question for me. Reading your post made my hand quiver with spasms, and my sides ache from laughing. All that detail sure produced a very clever and stunning bridal gown. I hope you had a nap to go along with the alcohol you obviously needed by the time this dress was made.

Always appreciative of safety tips, thanks for showing us how to stay safe from rogue elephants. This one was worth its weight in elephant tusks.

Electra said...

Spanky poops pearls???? Why didn't we know this before? Hey, is the stud muffin wearing Evangeline's dress? She may want to reconsider that decision. I LOVE your wedding gown, the detail on it is amazing! (Unfortunately, until I came here, I had conveniently forgotten to make my July dress.) Gotta go.
PS. The pleats are to die for!

Rosemary said...

I love this dress, I want to shrink down and visit your dress wardrobe to try these on and be glam!

What a good idea about using that invisible thread, although I'll muck it up and end up using it correctly but having little blood splatters all around from sticking my fingers repeatedly (as I'm of a wont to do, I'm clumsy like that).

Margaret said...

See, I knew I shouldn't pop over here just before I'm about to go to sleep, I can't stop laughing! superb post!! fab detail and yet another thing to have a go at although I'm not sure I'm capable of the pleaty lovelies. Evangeline's gonna get the guy wearing at least one of these outfits, surely! Mx (ps will do my mail box in the morn...)

Linda said...

Cute dress, cute guy...hilarious post. Thanks for entertaining us again Gini! Now where's my glass....

Fabric Art said...

Gini your wedding dress is so beautiful and cute, love the way you sewn the ribbon on.

Melinda Cornish said...

what a fun post...it made me laugh....I am a whiz with a sewing machine but boy am I bad at hand sewing....I have some of that thread up stairs and I plan on exuberantly using it next time I hand sew anything...
Your dress is the sweetest!

Jenxo said...

haha what a fun post, my how toos are dead boring compared to yours....
Its a very pretty dress, very princessy...
oh and dont ever iron that nylon thread , some bvrands melt as i learnt the hard way :(

Gini said...

Jenxo - Thanks Jen for the tip,
I've yet to launder the quilt that it was used on thankfully, and I'll be real careful in 2040 when I do wash it!
Oya what a stinker LOL

Cindy Adkins said...

How absolutely adorable!!! And I love the hearts...so precious...I LOVE your dress!

Diana Evans said...

your dress is the cutest dress ever!!! I love it and I love pink...this is so much fun!!! I just found this cute challenge and I love it!!! I have my July dress complete...but will have to catch up with everyone on the previous months!!!

purplepaint said...

Ohhh, your dress is beautiful!!! And hot hottie is hot! Can't wait to see your dress for July!