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Monday, 5 July 2010

Opus Gluei Challenge # 59 I scream, you scream even Spanky screams ICE CREAM!!

The lovely ladies over at Opus Gluei had this sweet challenge whilst I was under the weather.
So I'm a bit late.
Click on the picture to make it much bigger so you can see the words. 

My advice to the Knight Errant in the picture is to let Spanky style his hair.
It's the mullet and pudding basin combination from hell.

You know the expression if you have to explain a joke it isn't funny?
Well, I need to explain this one.
Hang on a minute, I need to explain because it is in fact a logical process from the challenge to this picture but it's not necessarily an obvious one.
Aaw who am I trying to kid?
I'll let you draw your own conclusions...

So anyway it goes like this.

You have to know what a Mr Whippy is as it might not be called this in other countries.
It's a soft ice cream that comes out of a special ice cream machine and looks like this.

I have just finished reading Reckless by Amanda Quick (which is Jayne Ann Krentz's pen name for historicals).
In her many pseudonyms she is a prolific author and of the few of her novels I have read, most are misses but this one is a big hit.
It has some very clever and funny dialogue.
It is set at some point in the past before cars and probably in the 1800's somewhere. Hey, no flies on me.
A naive woman tries to get a man she believes to have the chivalrous principles associated with knights from mediaeval times to pursue a quest for her to find a mediaeval manuscript and thereby track down the murderer of her dead paramour.

So Mediaeval women wore ice cream cone shaped head dresses didn't they?
And if we take Mr Whippy literally he is a man and could therefore potentially have been a Knight Errant.
Something like Sir Galahad, Sir Lancelot and Mr Whippy went out riding one day to rescue the fair maiden from the evil clutches of Ben and Jerry of olde London Town....
And if you then put some of the dialogue from the book with the characters from The Accolade by Edmund Blair Leighton.
Then you have an Ice cream challenge sorted.

Making the picture.
I cut the figures out of Leighton's picture and then I made a pathetic attempt to anchor my characters in the picture.
Normally my central images float magically on air but I hoped to improve on that this time.
Unfortunately not even reading most of an art book on perspective (which apparently isn't a treatment for constipation) has helped.
My eyes kind of glazed over by the time we got to the renaissance section of the history of art perspective.
I have most in common with the ancient Egyptian artists, bless there little papyrus socks.
This post is turning into War and Peace and I'm not nearly finished yet.
Are your eyes glazing over now?

As I was saying I have tried to add some steps to give perspective to my characters but got the angles of my floor tiles hopelessly wrong. I knew the flat tiles needed horizontal lines but the pattern on the paper distracted me and now they slant completely the wrong way. It was at this point I decided to quit while I was ahead.
I got out my sequin ribbon to cheer myself up after the perspective disaster.
Oh shiny shiny, that's much better, so I put on double shiny to compensate.

Happy creating everyone!


Electra said...

OMG, you crack me up, Gini! This is great! Thanks for explaining what a Mr. Whippy is, I thought it was maybe something a bit more erotic. Oops, did I say that out loud? And as for the perspective, it looks OK to me, but I've had quite a lot of ice cream this week, so my own perspective may be a little off. Say Hi to Spanky for me!

Jana said...

Gini, you crack me up. Thanks for letting us know what Mr. Whippy is. My mind was wandering, and it wasn't "G" rated. Anyway, I love your interpretation of the Ice Cream challenge. You aren't ever late with any of our challenges at OPUS GLUEI. YOu are welcome to post them on any of our challenges. But, Mr Linky is set up for a week at a time so we don't accidentally miss any. Because we aren't diligent enough to check prior challenges. Ever. Glad you are feeling better. Love the images you used in this. I think your tiles are great.

Rosemary said...

oh my goodness, I know what a Mr. Whippy is! I also fell in love with those cones that had the Cadbury flake stuck in them. Lovely idea, we really need to do that here in America!

This made me smile, as you always do, Gini, and I've missed you terribly. Thanks for the heads up on the photography issue - I did that and when I have a camera that works we'll try it out! You're a sweetheart and funny to boot!

Love this and thanks for participating with us at Opus Gluei!

Chat Noir said...

Who cares about perspective anyway? Think of Escher, now that's a man with troubles in perspective, and you can read that any way you like!!

I couldn't possibly fall asleep during your posts, they're far too good to miss. LOVE the ice-cream head, LOVE Mr Whippy (except the year he hit my Mum's car but that's a whole other story)(does he still play Greensleeves?)LOVE your work.

I'm still awake, are you?

Sherry said...

LOL Gini - you're so funny and talented! I hadn't even thought there was anything wrong with the perspective ... well, actually I still don't! I fancy a Mr Whippy now ... oooeeer missus!!


OMW Gini - it's so good to see you on top form again!! I have so missed your wonderful stories. This one is ace! Every girl needs a Mr Whippy now and then, and by the way, I was admiring the floor covering, thinking it was part of the overall image, and was astounded to read that you've created it with patterned papers - it looks fab!
Love and hugs, Sylvia xxx

Chris said...

I'm AWAKE!! I am... I am...lol

You tell such a fabulous story Gini and they are wonderful to read and you always have the ability to make me crack a huge smile and not more so than today...thank you for that :D

I think his hairstyle is awesome!!! ha ha ha Bet he doesn't need hairgel :D

Chris xx

Jan said...

LOVE this!! LOL :)