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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Opus Gluei Challenge #131 Sew what?

This fortnight's theme has been set by the lovely Jana over at the Opus Gluei Challenge and it is to use sewing in your project.

I got my 22 year old sewing machine out, and apart from the white casing having turned yellow with age, it started up just fine after 10+ years of slumbering in a cupboard, a big well done to Elna I think.

It is much easier to sew on card than material.
I used a size 70 needle (lingerie needle) and loosened the tension a bit from what I would sew mid weight cotton fabric with.
I set the stitch size to 3.1. (I would sew mid weight cotton fabric using a 2.5 stitch size.)

I used a Craft Stamper project (page 44 March 2012) by Sarah Engels-Greer which was using 2 or 3 red (Archival Vermillion) stamped inches with lace and red ribbon on white square cards.
I thought these would have been quick to create but seeing as I wasn't copying the designs it took a good long while.
I used a different ink to the project. I used Rocket Red Brilliance Ink which has become my new favourite ink evah.

This is what I came up with, these were such fun to create maybe you fancy making some?

Click on the pictures to make them bigger.
The first one uses a Prima stamp set (code 655350-2011-11. Sorry I can't find a name for the set on the packet) and the flower is Crafty Individuals.  I also used the 2 smallest dies of spellbinders set Wonky Squares.
I used red backed double sided tape to stick the ribbon and lace on the card and sticky 3D foam blocks to adhere the stamped card shapes.

This next one uses Tim Holtz stamps.

This last one is Prima stamps again and doesn't have sewing on it - oops.
The little red dots are ruby red liquid pearls by Ranger. The latest release of liquid pearls have a new formula and work much better than the original liquid pearls which were, in my opinion, crap for making pearls - sorry but I thought they were rubbish.

The only danger I found with making these cards was I got so focused on rearranging the layouts for another unique card that I was forgetting to ensure it makes a pleasing looking card.
I like them but I wonder how many non card makers will like the cards?

Happy creating!


Deena said...

I think all of them are gorgeous...they caught my eye instantly in the blog reader and all I could think is what fabulous monotone cards....I don't think they could be improved upon at all...you have it perfect right from the start...clean and simple with lots going on is the best combination (one that I just can't achieve - especially to this degree)...bravo!


These are simply fabulous Gini - I love them all, but I particularly like the layout of the first one - the Nestie wonky squares are fab. - I very rarely find a use for the smallest dies from the Nestie sets, but this is a brilliant way to use them.
I'm pleased to know that Liquid Pearls have a new formula - I haven't used mine for ages as I always seem to get a wonky blob rather than a "pearl" shape (even using the tapping-underneath-the-card technique didn't seem to work)!
Your sewing is great by the way!
Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Electra said...

These are beautiful Gini, you are SO incredibly talented. I wish I had 1/4 of your talent. The red against the white is brilliant and they are each so delicate.

Gez said...

They look great Gini. How can they not be loved! Hope you have a great time this weekend.. I shall be there in spirit!! Gez xx

Margaret said...

Your cards are fab Gini! the red and white is stunning and I love the 3D effect, very very cool! Mx

Arnoldo L. Romero, MLA said...

I love your card series and the lines you stitched with your sewing machine. I have an old sewing machine that I got in college that I need to clean-up and oil before I can use it for this technique. Blessings!

Jane Wetzel said...

Hello there dear Gini! Soooo nice to hear from you...life is rolling on by isnt it? lol LOVE these gorgeous red beauties! Great job with your sewing too- I am not that good and wish I was better :) Sending you big hugs! jane

lauren bergold said...

well i ♥ADORE♥ all of these and fully expect that pretty much everyone with eyeballs will, too! totally awesome and i think despite not "focussing" on placement, you're inner designer just automatically KNEW how to arrange things quite perfectly! :)

Rosemary said...

I love these, you really chose a fantastic way of interpeting the theme - I'm with Electra, I wish I had a quarter of your talent. You have such a way of taking your idea and making it happen. The pearls really are quite striking and are the perfect finishing touch for the crisp focal points of the cards.

Glad you got the sewing machine out and I look forward to seeing what else you create!

Sue said...

What super cards Gini, I love the simplicity of them. The 2nd is my favourite.
Was lovely to meet with you at the weekend.
Sue x