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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Opus Gluei Challenge #127. In like a lion out like a lamb.

The lovely Deena over at the Opus Gluei Challenge Blog is asking us to use an animal in our projects this fortnight.

As I am feeling less than dapper due to a stinker of a cold, I really do have MAN FLU ladies.
I apologise profusely to you all for not doing any blog visits this last fortnight and I do feel I should mention that I have MAN FLU even though I have girl parts, because it's crossed the species barrier - what can I say.
I will be short and to the point, if you can call 5'9" short that is and I'm not actually particularly pointy either; more soft around the edges because really why would anyone want to do exercise when they could be making something out of paper, shiny and glue?
And also I'm working steadily towards beating the world record for "an arse so big it blots out the sun" (just joking,  hmph).

I love making Birds on Wheels pictures and a bird is an animal too.
I have blogged this design before as cards I like to make, and honestly I could use my whole stash of designer papers making them, hundreds and hundreds AND hundreds of them but then I would be like the lady with 40 indoor cats; what on earth would I do with them all...and wouldn't my house stink a bit and wouldn't that seem a tad compulsive disorderish too?

However - this is the very poshest Bird on Wheels I've made to date, it's another 5" x 7" canvas as I seem to be going through a phase of making these canvases lately.
It is a flocked paper bird and it's so posh and shiny it's probably illegal, I mean regal.

Happy Creating!



Hello Gini - another wonderful story and another wonderful card!! Firstly, I am so sorry to hear that you have caught the Man Flu and I hope you are soon feeling on top of the world.
Onto the posh bird - as you know I love your bird creations, and I LOVE the concept of a regal flocked bird (birds are often in flocks aren't they), but the wheels on this beauty are equivalent to the Louboutins of the shoe world - fab-U-lus!
Have a happy week - hugs, Sylvia xxx

Rosemary said...

Hi Gini! I'm so sorry you are sick, I hope you get over it soon. Is Man Flu the kind where you get to complain and have people wait on you? I hope so, you deserve to be spoilt and treated to bowls of hot soup, saltine crackers, and cups of hot tea and maybe even a nice digestive (yum, I do love those - my tummy shows it - that's the part of MY body about to blot out the sun's rays - LOL). Seriously, hope you feel better soon.

Obviously, your artistic side has not been bothered by the flu from Hades (or Mars - isn't that where Men are from?). Your canvas is so cool looking, I think it should be published. It's graphic and textured, and perfect use of color and design. I'm loving it and wishing I could put together these elements in such a cool way. You have a great eye for design, not too much, not too little - absolutely just right!

Electra said...

I'm so sorry you have Man-flu. That's just WRONG. The birdie is perfect, in spite of your unwellness-of course it's shiny, I would expect no less from you. and I love the little bird-eye.

Sherry Edwards said...

Lovely posh bird Gini - same goes for the one on your canvas!!

You don't sound 5'9 - lol. I knew I looked up to you for a reason - I'm only 5'2 doh!

Hope you're feeling much better now xx

As for the matchboxes, we do have a Wilko's down here (oh yes, all the posh shops can be found in Romford - lol) I hadn't thought of looking in there. I bought my last couple in a newsagents.

As for that world record, I bet I can beat you!

Have a great weekend Gini xx