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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Opus Gluei Challenge #117. What's on your head? Spanky does Clover.

Helloooooo this fortnight's challenge over at Opus Gluei is mine, all mine mwha-ha-ha.
Or rather Spanky's.
Where have you been girl ???
Your adoring fans have missed you.
So tell us then, what's on your head?

It can be any kind of project you like as long as it's got someone or an animal with something on it's head, or even a shelf or a display of hats, something along those lines.
You might fancy going the traditional route and use a hat of some kind, a head dress, a crown, or exotic feathers on a glamorous lady.
You might feel inclined to go a bit wackier and put a fried egg on a dog's head, or a Santa's hat on a chicken, your imagination is your only limitation, anything goes.
Marie Antoinette had a galleon sailing in her wig once I believe.
If you feel like writing a little story to go with your creation I would love that too.
Just a few lines of nonsense, I am easily pleased  (no don't listen to Himself laughing at that, he knows nothing).

Spanky has a bit of a passion for making headresses.

So this is Stampotique's Clover ready for an evening out.
She is planning on dazzling her beau, her hope is that the candle light glinting off her head dress will hypnotise him and make him amenable to her every wish and whim.
Now if you click on her to make her bigger and look at her dear little face, you will see a lady who is prepared to suffer for her ART and her cutting edge fashionability.
Bless her.
Where would we be without style icons like Spanky eh?

C'mon get yer thinking cap on!

Happy creating



Glorious colours Gini, and what a fantasmagorical head-dress you've created! Those sequins are soooo sparkly - and the pink heart seems to mirror the shape of Clover's face - very clever! Hope she has a great time on her night out!
Hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Karen said...

WOW! thats some headress going on there!!!! Amazing!!!! But Clover does look a little worried, poor love, as she wonders how she is going to get in the taxi haha XXX

Sherry Edwards said...

LOL - the look on her face with that magnificient head-dress weighing her down had me chuckling!! xx

Electra said...

Will Clover lend you her headpiece so that you can go out on the town in it? And will you please send me a picture of that?

Margaret said...

Stunning!! love that headgear!

Jane Wetzel said...

Hello there dear Gini! why , my goodness...how did u get that pic of me??? :) hugs, Jane

Basement Stamper said...

Great card, love all the sequins and jewels you used on it!

Rosemary said...

I cannot believe I have been so slow in commenting on this, I love it. That headdress totally works on her! Apparently she is going rather low key this year eh? LOL