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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Tando Creative September Challenge, Rustic Charm. Crafty Individuals September Challenge Hanging about.

Second Post today.
The Tando Creative challenge this month is a project based on the theme Rustic Charm.

And the Crafty Individuals challenge this month is Hanging about. A project made for hanging up.

 I was the lucky winner of last month's challenge and I am now able to make things with Tando Creative chipboard hooray!
Thank you so much to the lovely Di at Tando Creative.
Just as I received my winning goody pack I saw on the Crafty Individuals website that they are now stocking Tando Creative Printer's Tray's - swoon - I have been wanting to alter a printer's tray for ages so I ordered some of the different styles they have in stock at the Crafty Individuals webshop here.

First I'll show you what I made for each challenge then I'll tell you how I used the printer's trays if you are still reading by then.

For the Tando Creative challenge I made two printer tray wall hangings because I just couldn't decide on which style of Rustic I wanted to make.

Firstly I made one up as what I would describe as an Old English Rustic Charm Hen House.
Click on any image to make it bigger.

I used K & Co designer papers (sorry I don't know which range but it is an old one), Artemio hens stamps and a little chipboard house covered in designer papers from the Tando Creative Mini Houses and Fences pack. The frame was first given a coat of white gesso then a coat of Juniper Adirondack acrylic paint dabber.

My second is a Dainty Floral English Rose Rustic Charm Hen House.

 This hen house includes step 2 of the 12 step programme for finding your inner grunge.
Step 2: Splodge different colours of acrylics RANDOMLY on your project.
I don't know if I will ever be able to do Step 12 which is colouring outside of the lines, (are you shuddering too?) but baby steps, just baby steps.

Do you have a favourite? Mine is which ever one I am looking at...
But they are both up on my kitchen walls so thankfully I don't have to choose.

My Crafty Individuals Challenge make is another project based on the seashore.
I used the C.I. seaside background papers book 6 (which I have mooned over enough in previous posts) and their seahorse stamp from one of their plates beginning with a C (hmm) and then some numbers *cough*.
The other stamps used are made by Inkylicious, Hero Arts and Chocolate Baroque.

Are you wondering how it hangs up?
Well I'm not going to tell you.

Just kidding Mrs.
When I first starting making hanging things I used to make a beaded wire hanger for my projects but they need a nail or a hook in the wall to hold them up.
If you are anything like me, you make lots of new things to hang up and frankly some of my early stuff has needed retiring to the attic but I don't want a wall full of holes as projects come and go, so my cunning plan which has worked well for over 2 years now is to use Scotch Magic Tape.
Do I hear you cry "oooooh do tell!" or was that just wind.

WARNING this only works with Scotch Magic Tape and on emulsion painted plaster walls, there is no substitute tape out there.
You tear off a piece about 2 inches long and then use your fingers to curl it around to make a circle of it with the sticky side facing outwards like this, make sure you stick the two ends together by overlapping them. Thereby making double sided tape.

You then stick this to the back of your project or card, use as many evenly spaced circles as you think you need to hold it on the wall.
For my printer's tray I used 5 circles of tape. One on each corner and one in the point at the top. I usually use 4 to hold a card unless it is particularly heavy for a card.
I have had projects stuck on my emulsion painted walls for nearly 3 years without any bother and when you take them off they do not pull off the paint.

Do NOT use this method to stick onto wallpaper or emulsion painted lining wallpaper, that will only end in tears (in your wallpaper) and tears (in your eyes).

Now onto the Printers tray itself.
It looks like this when it is out of the packaging. I have used the universal size guide dew drop ink to give you an idea of size.

Now the wonderful part of this product is that the tray part comes in 3 pieces that you can either glue all together and make a 6mm deep printers tray OR you can make 3 separate  printers trays that has 2mm deep printers trays.
Seeing as I have no deep items I wanted to display in it I was able to make all 3 trays out of one pack. The pack cost £7.25 so with the help of my trusty calculator each tray cost me only £2.42 to make plus I have a display holder left over that I can use to hold projects for photographing or another project. Happy dancing here.
All I had to do was cut an extra 2 back panels out of thick card for each additional tray.

Happy creating!


Sherry Edwards said...

I've not seen those kits before and they do look good and great value too.

Love your mini houses!! My most favourite of all is the middle one, the pretty 'Dainty Floral English Rose Rustic Charm Hen House', just divine! Bet it looks amazing on your wall.

I'm surprised they all hold up with just the tape, it must be really strong stuff. I've quite a few things on my craft room wall held up with little blobs of blue tack which over time dry up, fall off and leave a greasy mark on the wall! Still, beats having to drill holes in the wall anyday though.

Take care xxx

Zoechaos said...

Gini, congratulations on your very well deserved win. Tando Chipboard is special isn't it wouldn't use anything else now. Love all three of your projects and your hen houses are both wonderful couldn't choose one over the other thank you for sharing these with us at Tando Creative Challenge XOXO Zoe

Kaz said...

Wow, wow and wow Gini!! I love your economising with the house! All three are gorgeous, you've done a fantastic job with them. Glad you like the chipboard and well done on the win last time and thanks for joining us again.
I'm a huge fan of these printer trays too - am working on one atm xxx

Di said...

Oh my Gini, your trays are something special. They are absolutely stunning.

Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration and for joining in again with the Tando Creative challenges. xx

Angelnorth said...

Fab use of the printers' tray - love your thinking with using all three separately with thinner embellies! They all look lovely but I think the first one is my fave. Congrats on the win last month and thanks for joining us again, hope to see you in October too!

Margaret said...

Oh you get the coolest stuff Gini, the printer try kits are just fab, can't believe the price!! what a great size, the big ones take ages to finish. Love the sea theme (of course I do!) Mx

Ps have finally added you to my favs so i don't miss anything, have been meaning to do that for ages, ahem...

Traceyr said...

These are such fun and t hanks for the tip on hanging them.



Gini - these are totally fabulous - love all of them, but I think the sea theme is my favourite - it reminds me of the very first project I saw on your Blog a couple of years ago, which blew me away (the shell house).
As always, your attention to detail is amazing, and a joy to behold.
Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Jana said...

Ooooooh. These are absolutely delightful. I love those little hens. BUT my fav has got to be the seaside one. You have a magical way with the sea themes.

Karen said...

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Gini!!!!!!! these birdhouses are AMAZING!!!!! I just love them honey! I am so pleased that you won the last challenge and so got to have a play with more Tando :-D I am working on one of their printer trays that have a cover so watch my space hahaha xxx