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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Opus Gluei challenge #108. Red, white and ???

You are not alone if you think this fortnight's challenge is a colour challenge, 'cos I did too and got it wrong - aargh fiddlesticks!

What the Opus Gluei challenge #108 really is, is to make a project to celebrate your country's National Day. Independence Day in the USA, Canada Day in Canada etc.

So why did I get it wrong, do I hear you cry?
Do I actually need to explain it or do you nod with understanding if I just say, Well I'm Gini aren't I?
For anybody new reading who was really meaning to do their online food shopping but somehow ended up here by mistake, I'll try and explain.

You see I only had the title of the challenge to work on for starters which was "Red, white and ???"
And I'm English and a challenge going out on the 3 July has no significance to me apart from wondering on the day if the sun might shine and what shall I do for tea, that nobody I endeavour to feed a balanced diet to, will moan about not liking; same menu as last week then!

 So with the prompt being "Red white and ???" I assumed it was a colour challenge so accordingly made a card using Red, white and yellow, a colour combination I love when using yellow as the accent colour. 
England's national day would be St George's Day but I have never met an English person who celebrates it other than noticing it as a typed annotation in their diary. Which is a bit of a shame now I come to think of it.

So my apologies go to Electra (who set the challenge, and a very good one it is too) for my getting it wrong!

However I have made "the perfect card".
You know the one we all strive to make every time we sit down to craft a card.
The card that is perfectly our style in cardiness.
This is it.
This is the one.
This is mine.
I don't need to ever make up another design now, just keep on making this one over and over again. - Um not likely really, but it does look good written down doesn't it?!

It isn't quite a clean and simple style (CAS), at least I don't think it is from my understanding of the style, because it has too much stuff going on.
But it does have lots of breathing space or white space or blank space, which is usually very visually pleasing to me in the cards I like to make.

Click on it to make it bigger.

I've used a PaperArtsy stamp set, Hot Picks HP1004.
The bottom panel is using the flower stamps and masking to create the panel.
The bird cage is coloured with Derwent Inktense pencils.

So try and get the Challenge right will you! 
I hope you decide to join in but even if you don't, Happy creating!


Sherry Edwards said...

I put it down to the fact that you watched too many episodes of TOTPs as a youngster .... exactly the same as me, I usually get the wrong end of the stick too!! I'm remembering when the teachers use to write RTQ in the margins and later on when doing training for work the tutors used to write RTFQ - yes, I really should have read those questions properly!!!

As far as your beautiful card goes, well it is does have red and white on it and the little birdy could be called Georgie Boy - what a saint!

Take care xx

Gini said...

My reports always said could do better if she would just stop talking!
Didn't Chaz and Dave do a song about that on TOTP's.
Can we keep the TOTP's comments going until Christmas do you think?
Let's make TOTP's art....
I have another post scheduled for tomorrow, no flies on me tonight nor you with your fast as lightning Georgie Boy. V.Good A++


Electra said...

Did it occur tho you that perhaps it was ME who got the challenge wrong?? Huh? Well, did you?
At any rate, it's a lovely card and I'm happy to see your bad-ass attitute alive and well. ;-)


How on earth did I manage to miss this little beauty Gini?!! So sorry, but here I am anyway! I love this card - the combination of the black and white panel with the coloured birdcage is stunning.
Re. the challenge - your choice of yellow with the red looks fabulous, and creates a feeling of light (much nicer than blue)!!
Have a great week - Hugs, Sylvia xxx