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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Catching up on Opus Gluei Challenges #106, #105, #103 and #100

Some of the Opus Gluei Challenges I missed the deadlines for whilst poorly.

Challenge #106 - It's a jungle out there.

These are the 2 Father's Day cards I made, for my sons to give to their dear old Dad (Ha!)

Ooops, I forgot to set the close up button on my camera so they are a bit blurry or it might be that I'm not wearing my glasses as I type this...rank Amateur eh. 

The Panda is another Jo Kill design for Papercraft Inspirations magazine made using circle and oval punches and a bit of hand drawing that took me ages and then when I couldn't find a button to match the ribbon at the very end I happened to flick through the magazine and there at the back was a Template for the Panda, just marvellous.

Why is the pig carrying a piece of fence?
A very good question and one I have no good answer for.
It was another little oversight on my part.
The original pig card in Papercraft Inspirations magazine (which of course I can't find now to refer to) had a stile (type of step over gate) under his arm and a good joke sentiment with the other word style (fashion) in it (if my memory serves me correctly) or it was something like that anyway, but of course I wanted a Father's Day sentiment and used a Tim Holtz fence die cut instead which ruined the joke, which I didn't exactly notice at the time because I was no doubt concentrating on cheese and not keeping my eye on the ball.
Moving swiftly on.

Challenge #105 It's a girl thing.

Using my favourite craft toy at the moment which is a 3 inch Woodware dress punch, that isn't even mine, but I want one of my very own sometime soon.

Challenge #103 Mail Art

I would say that I like to decorate my parcels of craftiness but I wouldn't call it mail art, as it has got to be quick, look very AMATEUR and is usually relevant to the contents or some sort of joke, I do it partly for the recipient and partly for the lovely lady who works in my local Post Office because it makes her smile.

This is a reproduction on an envelope of the last 2 parcels I sent that never arrived at their destinations in America. 
I've never had that happen before and I am left wondering if there are judgemental postal workers who illegally "vet" mail art and bin those that they don't perceive as suitable. Could my greenhorns have been misread as devils and therefore ditched? I don't know, I would hope that is not the case and I am just being a grumpy old cynic and that they are now floating somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean by mistake.

Challenge #100 Matchbox

This is the storage container I made out of the smallest matchbox size you can buy to store my Distress Ink applicators that velcro onto the Distress Ink tool.
I am planning on making another similar box with larger matchboxes to hold my pieces of cut and dry foam that I use with other ink pads.
This idea is floating about on the internet, I've no idea who to attribute it to as I saw it years ago, long before I had any Distress Inks and thought what a good idea I'll try and remember that.

Will be back tomorrow with a new Opus Gluei challenge.
Happy Creating!



Good morning Gini, thanks so much for sharing more of your wonderful creations. Your humorous stories always brighten my day - the Pig with Style story is brilliant!
Love the storage box - it's a great idea and much better than my overflowing plastic tub idea!!
Hope you have a fab. weekend - love and hugs, Sylvia xxx

Sherry Edwards said...

Hi Gini, love your Father's Day cards, gorgeous panda and I was laughing at the pig with the fence before I even read what you said about it - so funny. You could have added 'if Dads were flowers I'd picket you' - or maybe not!

Love the dress punch card - so girly and feminine even in the subtle colours you've used.

Your mail art is lovely and funny - bet someone kept it all for themselves! You never know, it may eventually turn up at it's proper destination.

Your distress storage unit is wonderful - must have taken an age to do. Mine are just stored in a plastic tub all mixed up and I can never find the right one - still, it makes the colours more interesting - LOL.

Must just say -
'Always believe in your soul, You've got the power to know,
you're indestructible .... Gold!!'
Good ole Spandex eh -LOL

Take care xx

Gini said...

Sherry -
LOL LOL LOL LOL at your new sentiment!!!!!!!!!!!
You are on a roll this evening for sure.

Thinking of Spandex, it's your fault you've MADE me remember this.....

Lets go back in time to when we were girls (yes we were once upon a time) in fact that could be the opening line of a book.
"Once upon a time when Sherry and Gini were young and dinosaurs roamed the Earth."
No I digress.
Let me take you back to our respective lounges at our Mum and Dad's, we are in our PJ's and watching Top of the Pops.
We were innocent and fresh faced, yes we were,
Then Imagination came on in those Gold Spandex jumpsuits with little straps and very bare hairy chests and did some most embarrassing moves whilst singing "Illusion"
and poor little Gini and Sherry were never the same ever again.

Go on you know you want to...I am.

Imagination singing Illusion on TOTP

Electra said...

Big, big, big smile. Big!