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Friday, 22 April 2011

Opus Gluei Challenge #98 - It's in the bag. Tarzan and Jane were swinging on a vine.

The funny ladies over at Opus Gluei this week have challenged us all to get inspiration from the contents of our handbag and make something gorgeous.

My handbag is very small and boring (more of that later) but Spanky's is not.
It is outrageously shiny and beautiful.
So I asked if I could have a look inside.
Well; it's like the tardis in there, I had to do a double take but I think I could see a good part of the Brazilian Rainforest.
Now who did I spot but Tarzan and Jane.
Click on any picture to make it bigger.

I tried to get a shinier shot, but you know how they don't work out very well for me...

Now I showed real restraint in what they were saying because I originally thought Tarzan might be saying "Mind the goolies pet" but thought I'd better behave myself seeing as I'm not Spanky.

The actors are Toby and Minky Girl, Stampotique Originals and the art work of Daniel Torrente.
I've also used a Magnolia Doohicky die cutter for the leaves of the vine coloured with metallic acrylics and stickles in the wonderful shade of lime green. The netting was glued on with Golden gel medium in regular matt finish with some parts painted with metallic green. I put loads of pale green jewels in between the netting but they don't show up very well in the photo. Tarzan and Jane were coloured with Derwent Inktense pencils.

On to my handbag, which is very boring and hardly used because my back has been too bad to carry one on the rare occasion I was able to get out over the last month, no don't feel sorry for me, it is loads better now.
Well, I focused on the word "inside" because I was struggling, and seeing as you find Russian dolls inside each other and there was a card template for them in a recent edition of Quick Cards, I made some Russian doll cards, only I used inks instead of designer papers. They were fiddle faffy and involved copious maths sums and I don't plan on making them again any time soon.

I used Andirondack dye inks in Citrus, Clover, Red Pepper, Sailboat blue and Wild Plum. Lovely bright shades that I brayered onto white card to get the solid colours and I used a pretty but small background stamp by Penny Black called Paisley swirls.
The girls themselves are on pale pink card and from biggest doll to smallest doll are Two Barrettes, Girl with Lunchbox, Minky Girl, Stitch and Gooseneck. Again more Daniel Torrente stamps by Stampotique Originals.

Happy creating!


Sherry Edwards said...

I know I'll always be smiling when I visit your blog Gini! Love your Tarzan card, you've really got them swinging on a vine! Love the netting around the edges, and the colours are brill! Shame we can't see the sparkly bits - and I'm not talking about Tarzan's g.... !!

Your Russian dolls are fab too! No good for me if anything involves lots of calculations - lol.

I'm so pleased to hear your back's a bit better, keep up with the excercises and walking - sounds as though that's doing wonders.

We spent some of today gardening. I did what I could, but my back kept protesting - and who am I to argue - lol!

Take care xxx


Wow Gini - Spanky certainly has some amazing things inside that handbag! Love the Stampotique images and the story you have woven around them - unique as always.
The Russian Dolls are beautiful, and the end result was well worth the hard work. So pleased your back is much better Gini - take care. Hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Kaz said...

Gini you really are as mad as a bag of bolts and that's why I love coming to your blog.
I love all the bits you've made, even if it involved thinkage of the hardest kind.
I will never look at Tarzan the same again!! x

Rosemary said...

(Mind the goolies, I actually had to stop giggling and compose myself - oh my, Tarzan)

Now, am composed and wearing my fashionable Easter Poobah hat (the horns have flower garlands) - this is marvelous - the green sparklies do show up much nicer when I zoom in on the photo - I love the hard work you put in on this, as well as the cheeky sense of humor.

Your nesting doll cards are amazing - love the idea, the saturated colors, and the girls themselves! I know what you mean about some projects that come out marvelously but you get faint at the idea of doing them again, so these will simply have to be a one-off project. WONDERFUL!

Your OG buddies have missed you but are so glad you played with us this time!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Fantastic pieces, Tarzan and Jane are great and I love the Russian Doll idea.

Karen said...

LMAO!!!!!! Wonderful, wonderful take on Tarzan & Jane my lovely!!! But looking at jane i recken she is about to be a little bit naughty hahahahahaha!!!!!

Your dolls are a brilliant idea for the brief and look amazing!!!

Hugs my friend xxx

Jana said...

How in heaven did I miss this????
Tarzan and Jane are magnificent. Spanky's purse is something I want to see one day. Those little Russian dolls are brilliant. So wonderfully colorful and cheery. I must look into some of Daniel Torrente's stamps. Thanks so much for being so loyal to OPUS GLUEI. Even if the Poobah is a bit absent minded.

Linda said...

LOVE the pair of swingers!!! You and Spanky did a great job with this.

And I think you're an expert at fiddle-faffy ;-)

Sending hugs...hope you're feeling ok.