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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Alter It monthly: April - spring into Easter. Spanky does The National Portrait Gallery

Over at Alter It Monthly we can either use cogs and sprockets (I have no idea what these are) for a Steampunk make or use spring colours.
So I went for the spring colours - yay sunshiny!

The curators of the National Portrait Gallery thought the decor was looking a bit tired so they asked Spanky if she could perk it up a bit.
I was able to get some photo's of the most famous faces there after Spanky's devine facelift.
Click on any image to make it bigger.

This started out as one half of a chocolate box.

I'll leave you with a lovely lovely thought.
Can you imagine what Spanky could do with our green and pleasant land if she was given free artistic reign for a little bit of shiny revamping of all our National Treasures?
(Actually I think Spanky is a national treasure.)
It's a wonder that she wasn't asked to dress the bride for Friday (Kate and William).

Happy creating!


Jingle said...

This is such a great project! I love it!


What a fabulously "altered" box Gini (I notice the chocolate had disappeared) - the ornate frames around the portraits are superb, and I love the pearl trim. Well done Spanky - you've created another colourful masterpiece!!
Love and hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Zuzu's Blog said...

Funky Fun and colourful. love the story :)
thank you for joining as at Alter it monthly Gini.
Z x

Electra said...

Did you drink the chocolate BEFORE you made this masterpiece? Or did Spanky? It is wonderful, though, no matter the process.

Jana said...

Fabulous portrait gallery. LOVE all the details. I'm thinking that I must get some of those chocolates now. If Kate had seen some of Spanky's creations, surely she would be dressing the bride Friday. LOL

Jenxo said...

this is such a fun and colorful project :)love your recycling...

Sherry Edwards said...

Spanky does it again - yay!!!!
She's a national treasure indeed and deserves at the very least a Jim'll Fix It badge!

Sandy Ang said...

I agree that the NPG needs some brightening up and your project certainly adds lots of Oooomph ! Have a happy May

Sue said...

Arise Lady Spanky... she should indeed be knighted (Ladied??) for her work on the portrait gallery. Nice to see her use of the crown jewels in there too :o) x

Linda said...

Brilliant...love it, love it :-)
Three cheers for Spanky!

Your art always makes me smile.

Karen said...

hee hee a far better set of pics than some in the National Gallery Gini haha!!! Brilliant work...didn't Spanky do well HUGS xxx

margaret said...

Ooo you've busy! love your private gallery! cool colours really fun idea. Also loved the Russian dolls on your prev post ( I'm catching up"") Mx

Jane Wetzel said...

wow....YUMMY ...OH...I MEAN..awesome altered box...you are throwing me off with the "choc box"..lol

Rosemary said...

I love this, Spanky SHOULD be given a grand title like Royal Artist Extraordinaire and be commissioned to sprinkle pretty all about. I love the color, the design, and it is amazing that you repurposed the chocolate box for it. BRAVA!