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Friday, 9 October 2009

Opus Gluei Challenge #27 Copy Cat

Well I've chosen Zetti style for my Copy Cat for the Opus Gluei challenge this week.

I've been too scared to try Zetti before, mainly because I get so upset when I mess up on a project. You don't get to sketch with pencil 'til you get it right; you just pick up a pen and go for it. {{{shudder}}}
You know when you "add" a bit extra or try something a bit different and then you want to cry 'cos you just ruined it!!!
And you have to go to bed to recover even if it's 10 in the morning and chocolate won't make it better. (Maybe some Nice n Spicy Nik Nak's when you get up though...)

But do you know what? I don't think you can mess up with this style, as it seems anything goes, and if in doubt, you just add some more to it, how excellent is that!

My internet connection was down when I was working on this so I wasn't able to research it and had to rely on my memory (Never a good idea).

What I could remember was lots of stripes particularly black and white, in borders and arms and legs, lots of doodling, people completely out of proportion in their bodies, lots of strange parts added to their bodies. I couldn't remember seeing any shiny, but overlooked that fact because Shiny Zetti works much better for me! Now that I've googled "Zettiology", I'm glad I didn't have the internet doing this, as I'd have been overwhelmed and probably stalled again.

Click on the image to make it bigger.

How I made her

She's a A6 card (roughly 6x4")

Background paper DCWV Pocket full of Posies 12" card stuck onto card with double sided tape.

The black marker is a fine tip Sharpie, which has me very impressed with it.
The white is white acrylic paint and also White Gelly Roll pen by Sakura or SourKraut if you can't remember but still need to have a stab at the name regardless :-)
The rest is Sakura Stardust pens which are great but the ink comes out quite fast so you can't hesitate or muck about dithering.
The finer flow Asda gelpens allow you to dither as much as you like. 25 for £2. I think you could buy three quarters of a Sakura pen for that money but I like having both :-)
I'm pretty sure I bought my posh work shoes in the sales and topped up on Sakura pens with the money saved. Maybe a similar justification will ease your conscience too?

The lovely lady is Julia, a Cherry Pie Stamp from the Julia Plate.
In this picture she is looking more like Nora Batty but Nora wore American Tan wrinkled round the ankles tights and my Julia is posh with her trendy stripy stockings.

Although I do think patterned tights looked horrible in the '80s and they look horrible in the 00's as well!
I'm too tall for tights, unless I fancy wearing the crotch around my knees, so in the '80s I wore stockings, but not being a morning person I would often go to work in mis matching stockings, and it wasn't just that the patterns were different, sometimes the colours were as well. Too much information? Probably.
Sheesh why can't fashion be flattering to a person?
Have they learned nothing from Spanky ;-)

Happy Crafting Everyone!

P.S. I no longer do Fashion, I now do Comfy - but don't tell Spanky.


Karen said...

hehe Gini....I remember tights below crutches as well!!!!! Having HAD to wear them for school I remember buying big knickers to wear over them to keep them up....gross isn't it????

For someone who has never tried this style before you have done a brilliant job...I love that she has striped stockings....my legs would just look rediculous in them tho hehe.


Jessica G. said...

Such a funky gal! She has a style all her own, which I'm sure Spanky can appreciate ;) Fun card with hilarious narrative -- keep up the awesome creativity!!

Chat Noir said...

Hi Gini, love this girl. And she's a stamp?? Wow. I'm right with you on adding to a picture... someone-elses always looks better than mine I think. So I don't (decorate that is)... but after seeing yours which I LOVE, I'm going to be brave. Well, I'm thinking it for a start. Just let me finish off this chocolate for courage.......LOL

Don't you have the book hook (in the UK)that I used for the *bling* thing? Happy to send you some if you like, they're really cheap and with a wee bit of effort they can look VERY shiny.



Hi Gini
This makes me feel VERY old - but I had to wear lyle stockings at school, with a piece of elastic tied around the tops to hold them up!! Norah Batty wrinkles were the norm! Panty hose didn't come into the shops until the mid 60's!! Does anyone else remember lyle stockings I wonder? Anyway Gini, I digress - your card is stunning and I
absolutely love every bit of it! You are so talented. Love your story too, as always!!
Lots of love, Sylvia xxxxxxxxx

Rosemary said...

OMG - I love her! She's so cute and now you've inspired me to try this (I too will panic about messing it up, I tend to do that ALL the time with projects - I need to loosen up more and just let the creativity flow).

I have issues with tights as well but hope springs eternal and I try them each winter to keep my legs warm. Never did striped ones, figured I would look frightening to people if I did - height or not!

I enjoy your blog for its comfortable style, it is like listening to you talking (I think) and it is both inspiring and humorous which is so necessary these days!!!

Electra said...

I love this, it's so unique and classy! Hey Gini, thanks for the instructions on how to make a link-I'm not sure I get it but here is a try back to my own blog:

Electra said...

I'm putting my life on hold today until I google Zettilogy- I'm curious. And here's another attempt to use Mr Linky

Chriss Rollins said...

one of my fave images and love what you have done with her.

thanks for sharing... it inspires me to have another go...like you mine had a style of it's own.
But isnt that what its about?

chriss x