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Monday, 25 May 2009

Spanky does The Mona Lisa

What if the Mona Lisa had woken on the day of her portrait sitting and thought
"I need a stylist to make me look beautiful and mysterious."
What if she'd made an appointment with Spanky?


Linda said...

Thats great fun Gini - you've made her look more feminine than she normally does!!

Karen said...

WOW! what a fun Mona but I do think she should be smiling more now hehe X

Kimmie said...

This is too funny! really gave me a chuckle :)
Maybe I'll stay away from hairdressers named "Spanky!"

Lumilyon said...

Love this! great to get a visit to my blog from a Shropshire Lass and to discover your work. Happy childhood memories of Clee Hill and Ludlow.

Rosemary said...

You are funny and your blog entries make me smile!

Rosemary said...

p.s. - Mona NEVER looked better!