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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Stampotique Designers Challenges 34 Flower Power and 35 Red, yellow and orange and 35.

 The lovely Kaz has set the Stampotique Designers Challenge 35 as the colours red, orange and yellow.
So I've made this one especially for you Kaz :-)
Must have been distracted by shiny things. 

When I was playing Dress Up 2010 I met Halle who told me that my blog made her think of her neighbour's boys saying "must have been distracted by shiny things" when someone misses a play in a ballgame. So this is where the quote comes from, thank you Halle.

Click on to make it bigger and let it be a lesson for all of us shiny lovers.
Quite what the lesson might be escapes me because fish out of water or not, shiny is good.
Very very good.

It's an 10 x 10 inch picture. I used acrylics on 300gsm watercolour paper for the background desert, yes I know it's not lifelike but I'm using artistic license because I'm an Artiste *cough*.
The cactus is the same watercolour paper cut into a cactus shape, painted a dark green and when dry I added heaps and heaps of green and gold glitter glues mixed together and piled on top.
Sorry about the cactus being green Kaz, but it's a cactus and it has to be green otherwise it would be just a strange coat rack.
I've used the three Daniel Torrente's mermaids from Stampotique Originals.

The lovely  Gez set the previous SDC 34 as Flower Power.

So the question I was pondering - Can the power of flowers get the boys to the promised land?
Well, I would have to say that depends totally on the mood of the lady and has nothing to do with the flowers.
There are certain times of the month when even flowers sporting enormous diamonds aren't gone to get the boys to first base.
Nope, not a hope in hell.
But Weasel is ever hopeful and with a line like this how can he possibly fail?
Click on it to make it bigger (which is possibly a better line for Weasel to use).

It's a very red card isn't it? 
Now this phrase is new to me but you may have heard it before. My son was watching Fred on youtube.com and it was a line on one of the videos. I like Fred's Annoying Orange videos. But I think it's the marmite effect though, love it or hate it.
I love romance and chickens.

Happy creating!


Linda said...

That's a hot and fiery card Gini ...and those mermaid stamps are crazy!!

And as for Weasel saying 'click on it to make it bigger'.......guffaw!! :-D
Linda xx
PS Its true BTW...I do love chicken.

fatmonica said...

Love these,especially the mermaids!Great backgrounds.

hazel said...

Fabulous pieces - I love the mermaids and the die cut frame.
xxx Hazel.

Kaz said...

Thanks Gini!! Love the mermaids in the desert, so I'll let you off the green ;)
And as for poor 'little' weasel? Aaww poor love!!
Thanks for joining us again at Stampotique. I hope things are good with you xxx

Karen said...

*SIGHS* I must be getting elderly cos I love chicken!!!!! hehe!

These are both excellent my lovely & they both made me smile....a lot!!!!! Those mermaids look fabulous....like fairies, brilliant work as always xxx


Hey - I'm with Karen on the chicken thing (but I'm allowed 'cos I'm old)!! Love the mermaid picture - the colours are glorious. Your inventiveness knows no bounds!
Hugs, Sylvia xxx

Willy said...

Fabulous creations, Gini! Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge # 35.

Gez said...

Fab, fab, fab!! Oh Gini.. great artwork.. Thanks for joining us at Stampotique Designer's Challenge. Gez.Xxx

dutchstamptramp said...

Fabulous!! Love them both very much. Thank you for joining the Stampotique designer's challenge

Debbie said...

Fabulous art! Love the mermaids and that chicken quote! Too funny!

Basement Stamper said...

Both cards are very cool, I love the bright sunshine with the mermaids. Thanks for being so supportive of Stampotique Designer's Challenge!