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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Less is more Challenge, Week 7 Masculine. Twinkie loves to juggle.

The Less is more challenge this week is a masculine card.

 Now I don't know about you, but I find it is really easy to make a "less is more" type of card that is MHEH and that it's really quite hard to make one that actually makes you think WOW.
Mandi and Chrissie who run this challenge certainly do Wow cards.
But I do love a challenge.
This one's not quite a wow but I like it.
Now I bought some of this dotty Card Candy 'cos I can't resist polka dots and thought Twinkie 6103 could practice his juggling.

Click on him to make him bigger.
Twinkie is rather good at juggling isn't he?
Juggling 4 balls is quite a feat.
Can you juggle?
I can.

Oh yes, I can juggle with 2 balls rather slowly.
I only said I could juggle, not that I was any good at it...I think I am marginally better at jiggling. 
What's one little vowel between friends.
I don't have the patience to practice, not when there is paper and glue and shiny in the world just sitting there; waiting.

Happy creating!


Mandi said...

I can just about juggle, but I'm not as good as Twinkle!
Super card
Great CAS
Thansk you
"Less is More"

Jingle said...

Fabulous card!

Electra said...

ONLY Gini would have thought to make this lad juggle. Brilliant!

Chrissie said...

I love these cute images and the card looks fab!
Thanks for joining us!
"Less is More"

mustavcoffee said...

Oh! He's brilliant, love your card:0) xxx

Sherry Edwards said...

Yes, I can juggle too - even with two oranges with one hand (I'm just showing off now - lol!)

Love your card, so animated, love his juggling balls.

I'm much more of a 'less is more' card maker too - I've never actually tried making one of those beautifully elaborate ones (probably a good reason for that too!)

Look forward to seeing your mermaid creations once your new stamps arrive - and yay, the sun has been shining here all day too -not that I've been out in it.

Sherry xx

Kathyk said...

Such a cool card and, no, I can't juggle!


Suze Bain said...

This is a fab card. Image is fab, colouring is fab, your layout is fab! Used to be able to juggle 2 balls with one hand but that was back in the day! Lol x

Bea said...

great card and colour scheme

Tracey said...

I have enough trouble juggling life, never mind about anything else lol. I think your card is great. Tracey

pickle said...

a super creation..coloured perfectly and truly CAS

Aileen said...

I can juggle two balls and jiggle a lot at same time!! giggle giggle.

Super card guaranteed to raise a smile. x

massofhair said...

The more i see Stampotique images i know i really must get one. Twinkie is amazing and looks so happy juggling his balls.
I have tried juggling and can manage three but not four.
Thanks for a giggle and a really fantastic and cool card:-)

Sylvie said...

Wonderful card
Hug Sylvie x

Faith A said...

Love your card and the idea of the juggling, nope I can't juggle and neither could I use two balls and clap at the same time!!!!!!

Susan said...

I have the jiggling down pat...not so much the juggling! LOL! Fabulous card for the challengE!


Ah - now I see what Twinkie Juggling is Gini! This is fabulous, and I love the dotty Card Candy - only you could have thought to use it in this inventive way - you are soooooo brilliant!
Love, Sylvia xxxxx