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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Opus Gluei Challenge #55 - Healthy wealthy and wise

The challenge at Opus Gluei this week, really made my brain cell hurt, which is something I rather like :-)

I couldn't come up with anything that would translate into art using the three words, something like the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" threesome effect, despite sleeping on the idea.

I came up with this instead.
Have you read Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy?
They made the first book into the film The Golden Compass.
An amazing fantasy epic that includes within the brilliant story; fascinating and thought provoking ideas on the subjects of physics, philosophy, theology and spirituality.
Personally, if I am going to learn something I would much rather be taught through a story.

In the 3rd book, The Amber Spyglass there is a land inhabited by Mulefa, a sort of elephant like creature that uses a large seed pod for locomotion.
The seedpod fits on a spur on their front and rear legs and they use their side legs to propel themselves along. They illustrate a delicate ecosystem and are non - intrusive users of the land, much like the Aborigines.
If we consider the word wealthy to mean prosperous or enriching in ways other than financial then I think that the Mulefa embody "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" in their lifestyle.

I can't seem to stop making birds at the moment so I've used a bird to represent the Mulefa.
I know I'm really stretching artistic license here, but I just wanted to make more birds.
I was extremely luck to find some celtic stamps in the bargain bin of my local craft shop.
I love celtic designs but because they are so hard to draw they are perfect as rubber stamps.
£1 for 3 stamps. Whoohoo!!

Once I made one, I couldn't stop trying different versions.
I really want to make about 10 more versions at least, they are completely addictive to make. I'm going to run out of card blanks before ideas on this one.
What am I going to do with them all, because I just have to make some more!
Click on the pictures to make them bigger.

I was a bit impatient to take the photos and doesn't it show!

I drew the bird body and wing shape on card and then cut them out to make templates.
Luckily they just fitted on a 5" x 7" card blank.
I keep forgetting to pick my card blank first and make sure everything I draw will fit on it!

I used Versafine black ink. Some freebie papers that came with a magazine.
I used cut and dry foam and versamagic black chalk ink to edge the bird shapes.
I also used some Inkadinkado Button stamps and flower patterns stamps.
The large daisy flowers are from Graphicus, part of the Daisy and Butterfly plate.
I used foam pads to stick on the wheels, bird bodies and wings.
For the Celtic bird bodies I masked out some of the circle stamps to avoid overstamping and I drew around the bird body template first onto white card to get an idea where to place the stamps.
The inkadinkado flower stamps were clear so I could see where to stamp them without masking.
I used either jewels or Sakura stardust pens for the eyes.

Happy Creating!


Karen said...

WOW WOW WOW Gini!!!!!I adore how you have used those stamps on the birds! I love celtic stamps but never thought of using one for legs...very inspirational...I shall be looking at them in a new light and thinking of you haha XXX

Jingle said...

These birds are so fabulous!!! I really love them!

Rosemary said...

Oh my gosh, these are fantastic! I love the originality and you keep making birds as long as you like - don't mess with a great thing!

The stamps really are a fab addition - you are using them in ways I'd never think of! I'm so excited seeing these. I can never wait for my glue to drive or ink or anything and then rush to take the photos. Mine don't come out this well, lol.

Thank you so much for participating with us at Opus Gluei, I love visiting your blog and seeing what you have come up with and it is a joy to see you comment on my blog. ALways makes me smile!

Jana said...

Gini - I am glad your head hurt on this one. So did mine. I blame Rosemary. You can too. Your Mulefa are wonderful. I agree with you that they embody this weeks challenge AND you've done a WONDERFUL job with them. I love their legs. Very clever of you. Thank you for coming back to play with us at Opus Gluei. We love your style and your sense of humor.

Dawn said...

Ooh well done on the inventiveness, love your birdies, and hand drawn too!

Hope Spanky is behaving!!

thanks for stopping by


Electra said...

You come up with the coolest things, Gini! I love these birds, especially their legs!
Hope you're having a happy crafty weekend!

Margaret said...

What an inspiration, your birds are fab, I especially love the black and white ones.
What an amazing stamp bargain you got yourself! talk about right place right time!! Mx

Chat Noir said...

These birds are great.....I can see why you couldn't stop. Especially love the black and white ones. Hope you dont mind if I follow your lead and make something similar (though I dont have those terrific celtic stamps)

Gini said...

Chat Noir - Be my guest and go run with the idea :-)


Davi said...

Fabulous!! Love those birds and all the wonderful designs on them.

Linda said...

These are wonderful...I especially love those daisy feet.
Clever girl..... :-)


Oh how clever are you Gini - your imagination knows no bounds! Love your birdie template and the inventive way you have used those beautiful stamps.
Fabulous work, as always Gini!
Loadsa hugs, Sylvia xxx

Chris said...

OMG Gini you HAVE been busy... I shouldn't go awol cos I miss soooooo much...lol
Loving all your birdie creations missus they are ALL absolutely wonderful and soooo unique too.
I don't normally do birds but I am discovering a new liking for them myself at the moment... could be cos I hear them singing of a morning now the weather is nicer.
Fab bargain you got there with those stamps... awesome... now that's the way I like to spend money too :D
Have a great day
Chris xx

Gez said...

Hi Gini I love your birds they are stunning & I love Phillip Pullman's Trilogy. Best books ever!
Hope you have a lovely weekend. Gez.xx