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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Last Bad Hair Day ATC for The Artist Trading Club Swap Sept 2009

I was wondering if it was possible to make "shiny grunge" that didn't look like a dogs dinner.

I have no idea who the man in this image portrays but it came from The bumper book of papers from the Crafter's Paper Library, which disappointingly is printed on semi gloss paper which is not what I would've knowingly purchased. Still...

The resemblance of this chap to Billy Connolly is startling don't you think?
Either he is a great great relative of Billy's or he could be The Billy Connolly caught in the Victorian Era and he got there by hitching a ride with Spanky.

I'm not sure if I have managed to achieve a visually pleasing shiny grunge punk mohawk.
I like it, but that might be because I like Billy Connolly :-)

As you know I struggle to photograph shiny well, so the real look of the thing is somewhere in the middle of these two photos.
Click on them to make them bigger.

Happy Crafting everyone!


Karen said...

hehe I really miss you when you don't blog Gini!!! These are awsome!!! All I could think of were keys to my castle...doh!

I absolutely love that film...mmm...bout time I saw it again methinks. HUGS XXX


Hi Gini - how on earth did I miss this beauty! He really does look like Billy C., who did play the role of Mr Brown in the film "Mrs Brown" about Queen Victoria - so there is a definite Victorian/Billy connection going on in this image!! Anyway, I love his orange punk hairstyle - reminds me of one of my daughter's boyfriends (many many many years ago)- when he came to our house for the first time I was quite surprised to find that he had a huge ginger mohican hair-do which was dyed black on the tips. Oh happy days!
Hugs, Sylvia xxxx