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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Opus Gluei Challenge #127. In like a lion out like a lamb.

The lovely Deena over at the Opus Gluei Challenge Blog is asking us to use an animal in our projects this fortnight.

As I am feeling less than dapper due to a stinker of a cold, I really do have MAN FLU ladies.
I apologise profusely to you all for not doing any blog visits this last fortnight and I do feel I should mention that I have MAN FLU even though I have girl parts, because it's crossed the species barrier - what can I say.
I will be short and to the point, if you can call 5'9" short that is and I'm not actually particularly pointy either; more soft around the edges because really why would anyone want to do exercise when they could be making something out of paper, shiny and glue?
And also I'm working steadily towards beating the world record for "an arse so big it blots out the sun" (just joking,  hmph).

I love making Birds on Wheels pictures and a bird is an animal too.
I have blogged this design before as cards I like to make, and honestly I could use my whole stash of designer papers making them, hundreds and hundreds AND hundreds of them but then I would be like the lady with 40 indoor cats; what on earth would I do with them all...and wouldn't my house stink a bit and wouldn't that seem a tad compulsive disorderish too?

However - this is the very poshest Bird on Wheels I've made to date, it's another 5" x 7" canvas as I seem to be going through a phase of making these canvases lately.
It is a flocked paper bird and it's so posh and shiny it's probably illegal, I mean regal.

Happy Creating!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Opus Gluei Challenge #126 Branching Out with Madam Fairy.

The lovely Electra over at Opus Gluei has set the challenge this fortnight to use anything to do with trees or nature in general in your project.
Please welcome Madam Fairy who enjoys nature so much that she is often referred to as Nature Girl.
Click on the photos to make them bigger.

Of course her spare time is quite limited because she is such a busy Queen dealing with her royal subjects and doing her fairy duties as well as attending school.

Her mother thinks she is a proper little Madam and this off duty candid paparazzi photo clearly shows her mother to be right.

 Oh where would we be without the paparazzi and their high moral standards and their profound understanding of dignity and human rights, eh?

I tell you what; I am hopeless at using up my scraps by turning them into something artistic.
I think this card clearly shows that from now on my scraps and surplus bits need to go in the bin not in my shortly to be defunct scraps drawer.

For the canvas I wanted to use my new Memory Box die - Catalina Wreath as it has branches holding it together; well at least when I had the idea it seems like it had branches on it but maybe they are more like long green bits but very natural green bits... Anyhow I used white card to die cut it which I coloured with a cotton bud and Versamagic inks in Aloe Vera and Pixie Dust.
I stamped a Lost Coast stamp with Adirondack dye ink in meadow onto white card then cut it out with a Nellie Snellen die.
I painted a 5"x7" canvas with acrylic paints and used bubble wrap to apply some of the paint and then dry brushed white paint over the top to calm the whole thing down because it was very bright, which was lovely but didn't make a very good background as it competed dreadfully with Madam Fairy and that would never do.

Happy creating!