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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Hoity Toity Kiora

Aren't Paper Dolls just the most fun to make?!

I've got the squealy "Oh the possibilities" going on in my body.

And the clothes!
One doesn't even have to consider whether they will wash well, or whether one can get away with not ironing, or whether they really mean dry clean only or are the manufacturers just copping out, never mind "Does my bum look big in this?" (no way of course).
Fantastic clothes that fit like they are made to measure. Booya!

Click on the images to make them bigger.

The card says

"I am Queen" thought Kiora, but just for once let me blend into the background like a Commoner.

What a cheeky Miss!

How I made her.

I found the most marvellous site The Enchanted Gallery that has a free paper doll template

Unfortunately she doesn't ship outside the US, as I would so like to buy loads of her stamps. Boo hoo!

The owner,Kimberly is also not very well at the moment so
big {{{{{{{{{{{ healing vibes}}}}}}}}}}}}
across the ocean for a full recovery for her :-)

At full size the doll is 9" high.
I shrank mine to 4.5" as it is then fits nicely on a standard A6 card size and upwards sizes.

I printed her out on card. Cut her out and used little brads to assemble her.
I then used tracing paper over the template to draw her clothes.
If you draw a fine line vertically down the tracing paper, see photo, you only need to draw half of the outfit.

Fold the tracing paper very carefully along the line and retrace onto the other blank side.
( I use this method with tracing paper to draw anything that is symmetrical.)
If you pose her asymmetrically then obviously you can't use the fold method!

For Kiora's picture above I used her template head size as a guide to finding a suitable head image.
Alternatively you can use the template head measurement to print a head image off at the correct size from your computer.
I only needed to use copies of her arms to make Kiora's picture. To paint her arms I used DecoArt Flesh colour Acrylic paint.
If you want your doll to look like a suntanned flamingo then go ahead and use Reeves Flesh coloured acrylic, *#%!## what were they thinking???

Paper dolls apparently don't need their body parts to be in proportion, but I haven't quite been able to embrace that concept yet.
I have always found dolls with over large heads give me the collywobbles so I'm sticking with the 1/8 rule for heads for now.
A Beetlejuice pin head is also too weird. Micheal Keaton is looking a bit peeky in that shot. That film came out 1988, where has the time gone?? I watched this film over and over...

See Body proportions for further details of "correct" body size proportions.

Happy Crafting!



Hi Gini
Gosh - I'm sure I've seen the twin sister of this little lady!! How beautiful they both are Gini.
Love and hugs, Sylvia xxxx

Kimmie said...

I love this little "wallflower!" ...... it's nice to be a commoner sometimes :)